Yeonmi Park Will Not Be Silenced

“There is oppression and tragedy,” Yeonmi Park said. “I know the truth about North Korea and our voices cannot be silenced.”

Yeonmi Park and her mother defected from North Korea. Basic needs such as access to clean, running water, electricity, and freedom of expression were virtually non-existent in North Korea, under the rule of Kim Jong-un. The Kim regime always kept the people of North Korea alienated from the rest of the world.

North Korea remains elusive to the world. It was dubbed the Hermit Country due to the regime’s efforts to control the flow of information and goods in and out of North Korea.

Yeonmi was nine years old when she witnessed the execution death of a friend’s mother. The woman had only watched a James Bond film. Yeonmi had watched many contraband films before that time. The smuggling of outsider films, electronic devices, and other valuables became a means of survival for the starving people of North Korea. When Yeonmi’s father was arrested and imprisoned for smuggling metals, her family was deprived of most of their income. They faced the probability of starving to death.

With the aid of human smugglers, Yeonmi, and her mother fled to China. They were enslaved for more than two years before they were freed. The Parks were in China illegally and knew they would be deported if they were caught. If they were deported to North Korea, they would be executed upon return. Yeonmi and her mother attempted to reach South Korea by passing through Mongolia. They were detained by the border patrol, but fate stepped in. North Korea would not win.

After they had been detained for more than two months, Yeonmi and her mother were sent to North Korea. They struggled to adjust, following their ordeal but slowly adapted to their new lives.

Mrs. Park and Yeonmi each worked a series of jobs in shops throughout Seoul. Yeonmi enrolled in the criminal justice program at a local university. She began to understand compassion and started to speak out against North Korea.

“There are so many things here that we did not have in North Korea,” Yeonmi said on the Reason. “So many things people here throw away that I would have loved in North Korea. This life is a paradise. So many die for this in North Korea, and we must not allow it to go on.”



Greg Hague A Real Estate Game Changer

Greg Hague is renowned American entrepreneur, lawyer, author, real estate consultant based in Scottsdale, AZ. He says the Apple’s iPhone is more sophisticated than the way the Real Estate Industry sells its houses; it hasn’t changed in 75 years, he characterizes the traditional home selling process as “hope marketing”. Realtors can’t expect that someone will stop by and buy the home. He hopes to change the real estate industry with his proven step by step method that will enable agents to sell houses much quicker than the traditional way of selling.

Greg Hague plans to turn the real estate process around with his new real estate venture, the Real Estate Mavericks. In this program, he reveals a unique blend of solid real estate knowledge combined with his proven self taught real estate techniques and formulas give his audiences a rare look into the making of their real estate career a success. Through Real Estate Mavericks, Hague has designed a 22-Step Home Launch Formula. In addition, he has developed a 29-Day Fast Sale Plan. Hague reveals the core tenet of his sale plan is to generate hype and interest before the yard sign is even placed outside.

Hague teaches techniques how a real estate agent can help generate excitement about a property before the seller officially places it on the market. The strategies are targeted to find qualified buyers who want to purchase a property quickly. The buyers are able to view the property even before it is listed in the MLS. Psychologically it creates a sense of exclusivity in the buyer’s mind which in turn converts to a quick sale at a higher price.

His website, 990 Sells Homes, would be a port for realtors to be able to sell multiple homes. Part of the biggest problem with selling a home is that most people don’t want to pay the commission. When a home stays on the market too long, potential buyers believe the dwelling has “issues” and offer a much lower bid that sellers often accept. In many cases, people who have listed their properties on 990 company have really made good profit on their homes despite the bad economic situation. With 990 company, no matter how big or small your property the commission paid is only $990. The program 990 Company sells more homes than any other real estate firm in the country.

Greg is also the best selling author of the inspiring book on How Fathers Change Lives and he is also the founder and CEO of Savvy Dad. His new book, How Fathers Change Lives, is a “Chicken Soup” collection of stories about remarkable dads. This book will help Dads be better Dads for a lifetime!

Greg Hague is a visionary, real estate strategist, America’s top real estate expert and also a forward thinker.

George Soros Criticizes Donald Trump

George Soros has fired a salvo at Donald Trump thanks to his recent comments on Muslims. Donald seeks to ban all Muslims from entering the US and deporting all Muslims. Soros also was also critical of Ted Cruz on his plans to carpet bomb ISIS countries. He said those countries had faced more problems than the US.

He thought that the rise of ISIS and the disintegration of Middle East had created a crisis in Europe, but he was still optimistic that these European countries would integrate the migrants. Germany has already led by example by adopting 1 million refugees.

George Soros has declared Merkel as the perfect person to bring Europe up to speed. It is a fact he says will see the continent grow to became one of the largest economies in the world.

Europe is currently faced with six crises that have divided the Eurozone. The recent Paris attacks have only exhibited an already tense situation to make it a grave issue. Countries like Hungary and Poland are already enacting measures that will see their borders closed off to Muslims.

George Soros was speaking at the world economic forum in Davos Switzerland. It was a forum that meets to discuss the recent advances in the global economy and the challenges facing the current administration.

George Soros also spoke of the recent review of interest rates by the federal reserve. He was critical of the measures enacted saying they were a little too late because the crash happened in August and they reviewed them in December. Soros said the Federal Reserve needs to keep in tandem with changing market conditions. It was that lax approach to banking that caused the 2008 crash in Banking.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930.He is a Holocaust survivor who fled with the mother to London in 1941.In England, George joined the London school of Economics where he got his undergraduate degree.

George is of Jewish decent on both the mothers and fathers’ lineage. He left for New York in the 1950s where he joined the investment bank world. He started Soros fund management in 1969, and it has grown to became the biggest hedge fund in the world.

Soros Fund Management is known for averaging 20% returns from 1969 to 2011.It is today a behemoth and Soros is worth $ 28 billion.

George Soros Offers A Different Viewpoint

What does it take to become one of the richest people in the world? Well, a variety of factors must be considered, but understanding how to earn a fortune in the stock market is on the list. The stock market is an ever-changing market that can move up and down literally by the second. People who make money in the stock market learn how to ride the wave of the stock market. They understand when to ride the wave and when to get off.

One of the people who has learned to ride the stock market wave is George Soros. Listed as one of the richest people in the world, George Soros is a self-made billionaire. He has earned his money primarily in the financial industry. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management, and he is considered by many as a great investment funds manager.

Known for his untraditional approach to investments, George Soros has made many statements on regarding his views on the stock market. One of his recent quotes “unpredictable nature of the stock market”. has received a lot of attention in many financial arenas. The quote source can be found at the link provided.

The premise behind this quote by George Soros is based on his understand and belief concerning the stock market. George Soros believes that the stock market is a constantly changing market that is unpredictable in nature. Therefore, the ups and downs of the stock market can go against common logic and thought. Basically what should happen in the stock market usually does not happen, and as a result, the unexpected occurs frequently.

George Soros has pushed his viewpoint on the stock market to provide the reason for the 2008 stock market upheaval where many people lost a significant amount of money in the stock market. In addition, the financial market had to be saved by governmental bailouts. George Soros focused on the up and down tendencies of the stock market in 2008 and the unpredictability of the market.

During the 2008 market downturn, the unpredictability of the market caught many investors by surprise. While the market appeared to be doing well prior to 2008, the reasons for the market’s success were not based on solid reasons. Some of the reasons for the market’s success involved the housing market segment. As the housing market and related entities begin to crumple, the market as a whole took a drive.

A variety of things were done to stop the downward slide, but the market did not respond in a predictable manner. Instead the stock market responded in an unpredictable manner, and the downward slide continued. As the market became worst and worst in 2008, the market year became a historically bad year for the stock market and the affects could be felt for many years. George Soros believes the affects are still occurring.

Look Out For Premium Dog Food Like Beneful

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Premium Means High Quality Ingredients

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If you want to do some research of your own, then I definitely suggest reading this article for the Daily Herald. It is a valuable source of information about premium dog food companies. For the article, click here.

George Soros, a Renowned American Philanthropists Says That He Regrets Supporting Obama’s But Eagerly Wants to Work with Hillary’s Administration


In the list of renowned CEOs and eminent personalities who have had frequent visits to the White House, George Soros‘s name is oddly missing. This comes as a surprise considering the support, mostly financial; he provided to the incumbent president during his campaign in 2007. It is also surprising considering the backing he has been giving the Democratic party in recent years.
Those who have been following his story closely say that perhaps it is not surprising. For instance, one of the Democratic donors was reported saying that when George Soros wanted to visit Obama in White House to discuss matters of economic challenges, the US president turned down his invitation request. However, a reliable source indicates that Soros eventually met the President at a private meeting in New York. Some political analyst termed this meeting as a back-door treatment that is not worth the most generous donor like Soros. Soros himself termed it a disappointment.
Soros has supported Obama’s administration despite their disagreement. He has continued to champion for the rights of socially and economically disadvantaged people including the immigrants, minors and the poor. According to the article published in the NY Magazine in 2012, Soros might have contributed millions of dollars to the government, if Obama’s administration had engaged with him positively. Soros criticizes Obama for spending more time in White House rather than spending it with donors and supporters of his government.
During the 2016 New Year’s Eve, the United States State Department released what is thought to be the latest dump of Hillary Clinton emails of more than 6,000 pages. While the media is likely to take months to capture major excerpts from these emails, already one excerpt stands out. This is the revelation about George Soros regretting supporting Obama in 2008 and his intention to support Hillary Clinton in the forthcoming elections.
According to the article published on Zero Hedge, the excerpts from the said emails highlights how George Soros revealed to a close ally of Hillary that he regrets backing Obama over Hillary in the 2008 primaries. In the email excerpts, Soros also praised Hillary for giving him a chance to discuss economic policies.
From this latest dump of Clinton’s emails, Neera Tanden, who is the head of the Center for American Progress, is alleged to have sent an email to Clinton detailing her conversation with Soros. It is also alleged that Tanden also told Clinton how Soros is impressed with his intention to run for Presidency and he is ready to meet with Clinton and discuss economic matters.
It seems Soros will not be snubbed this round considering Hillary’s culture of spending lots of time with donors. Don’t forget that Clinton is also a donor either directly or through her Foundation. George Soro, working together with Hillary and other philanthropists, they will make America great since ‘Everyday Americans need champions.’



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Men’s Fashion Grows With Higher Internet Use

Many people around the world are noticing the differences that seem to be taking place in the fashion world regarding the style of menswear. The traditional idea that men do not dress well on a regular basis has been thrown out by the rise of a number of Online and physical suppliers of high quality men’s fashion from across the world. Companies like Paul Evans and Ball and Buck have been looking to supply the best in clothing at affordable prices for men around the world who want t look their best.

Paul Evans has grown its reputation as a supplier of fashionable shoes that are of teh highest quality via its own Online store. The Paul Evans brand does not seek to live in the physical world of brick and mortar stores, but instead has found a market of men who are looking to take advantage of the ease of shopping options offered by the Internet.

The handmade shoe producer offers its leather shoes Online after they are created in an Italian factory that uses only the highest quality materials to produce classic and modern styles of shoes. The production of these shoes in Naples, Italy marks out the brand as having some of the best available products, which are only sold Online by the company created by two men from New York who felt the traditional retail experience was not giving them the chance to get the best in fashions.

Paul Evans is just one in a group of Online retailers who have developed their own individual areas for providing the best in high quality men’s clothing. Not only does the Internet provide a new range of fashions, but it provides a cheaper option than clothing bought from traditional brick locations. Business Insider reports the growth of the men’s Online retailing industry grows annually by more than 16 percent and should continue to rise over the next five years.

Investment Banking Firm Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a leading international investment banking firm. This particular investment banking firm offers a few services that allow it to help companies reach their financial goals. These services include mergers and acquisitions, business valuation and also corporate financial advisory. Part of what makes this firm among the top investment banks around is the core values. The core values of the firm include excellence, leadership, and integrity. With these core values, Madison Street Capital is able to provide the best service to its clients. This firm also offers services to companies in various countries throughout the world as well as to firms in a number of different

One of the things that separates Madison Street Capital from its competitors is the services it offers. While all other investment banks offer services such as mergers and acquisitions and advisory, Madison Street Capital offers other services and in a more personalized manner. This firm will help valuate your business and therefore determine how much it is worth. By getting business valuation the firm will help you accomplish other goals such as reorganizing debts and management structures, merge with or acquire other companies and also get advice on how to better improve the financial situation.

For clients working with Madison Street Capital, location and industry is hardly an issues. Since Madison Street Capital works with companies in a number of countries throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Africa, anyone seeking the services of Madison Street Capital will get them no matter where they are located in the world. Companies in industries such as wholesale manufacturing, technology, healthcare, medical device and supply, and food and agriculture will be able to benefit from the services offered by Madison Street Capital. Therefore Madison Street Capital offers services to companies in a number of different industries and locations.

How Do You Choose What to Feed Your Dog?

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