My Son’s Surgery Was a Success Because Of Nobilis Health

About two years ago, my twelve-year-old son was performing in a BMX Bike Competition. He had been practicing for this competition since he was six years old. When we first got to the competition, he was very excited, maybe even a bit too excited. I knew he would do amazing, and I was very proud of how much he had trained, and how much time he had committed to this hobby of his. When it was finally his turn to go up and show his tricks, he had ten minutes to get to show the judges what he could do. He was doing great, but with two minutes to go and one more trick to perform, he went up the ramp and his tire caught on something. He fell hard and hurt his leg. He did still win third place in the competition with a total score of 9.6, but he was in a terrible amount of pain. We took him to the Emergency Room that night, and they told us that he had three different fractures in his leg. We were proud of him but scared of the surgery that we knew was ahead of him. The Emergency Room doctor told us about a great facility called the Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Scottsdale. He said the company who owns it is Nobilis Health, and they had other facilities too, but that was the closest one to us. He also told us that specific center had an amazing success rate with surgeries. We got a hold of their office and told them about what had happened. They assured us they would get my son in as soon as possible. The woman who was on the phone was very nice while she looked to see when they could get him in. After a bit of time, she said they could schedule him for an appointment in three days because someone had just canceled earlier in the day. I told them I would have him there for that appointment. When we saw the doctor, he spoke to my son and determined the course of action they would take. The doctor said that surgery would be needed, and it was a very common surgery with minimal risks. He wanted my son to take it easy and stay off his leg as much as he could until the surgery, which was six days later. He told my son to use crutches until then. When the surgery time came I was very nervous, but I had hope, even though my son thought his BMX days would be over. After the completion of the surgery, the doctor explained the recovery time and that it was important to let the leg heal. He told my son that if he followed the instructions for recovery, then it was very likely that he would be able to ride a BMX again, and my son was so excited. His next appointment was just a check-up, and the doctor cleared him to start riding again a couple months later. I have to say that Nobilis Health was wonderful to my son.

CCMP Capital Under the Leadership of Stephen Murray

The firm Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wsj is an investment firm that specializes in private equity. The firm focuses on transactions that entail leveraging buyouts and growth capital. This firm was previously known as JP Morgan Partners which separated from JP Morgan Chase in the summer of 2006. During its existence, CCMP Capital invested $12 billion to fund both leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. Within one year of its existence, CCMP Capital ranked #17 among the top private equity firms in the world. The firm has over 50 employees and offices throughout the world including locations in cities such as New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. In the year 2008 Stephen Murray CCMP Capital hired Greg Brenneman to be chairman of the firm.

CCMP has been labeled with a number of different names over the course of its history. The firm was founded in the year 1984 under the name Chemical Venture Partners which served as the private equity and venture capital department of the former Chemical Bank. Once Chemical Bank was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996, the firm renamed itself Chase and Chase Capital Partners. It later changed its name to JP Morgan Partners in the year 2000. Over the course of the last several years, the firm grew with a number of private equity entities which included Chase Manhattan, Hambrecht & Quist, Robert Fleming & Co, The Beacon Group and JP Morgan & Co.

CCMP is a firm that focuses on investments which specialize in the buyout and growth of equity investments throughout North America and Europe. The firm usually invests $100 million to $500 million of equity for every transaction it makes. They usually work with companies that have between $250 million to $2 billion in assets. CCMP helps companies by providing estate diversification solutions to founder owned businesses, enable management buyouts and corporate carve outs, taking public companies private, help developing businesses grow and equitize capital structures. With CCMP there are a number of industries that it specializes in. CCMP helps a number of business sectors which include consumer retail, healthcare, industrial and energy. Since these are very important sectors in the economy, CCMP specializes in providing its services to these industries and helps them grow and increase their capital.

One of the top executives and leader of CCMP was chief executive officer Stephen Murray. He lead CCMP for over two decades and helped the firm become a leading financial services company over the years. He joined CCMP back in the year 1989 and helped lead the firm when it was going through a number of ownership changes. Stephen Murray became the head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners and helped it become an established independent firm in 2006. During his tenure with CCMP, Murray was able to raise a number of multibillion dollar funds.

How Do You Choose What to Feed Your Dog?

One of the best brands in the industry is definitely Beneful because of what they offer. Their company is professional and provides great customer support. Their food is safe, healthy, and actually good for your dog. With organic and safe ingredients providing you with entire safety for your dog, you will surely be investing in quality food for your dog. They have snacks, packs, and complete meals to give your dog with everything they need. With nutritious products that dogs can eat to avoid future health problems, this company knows how to give dog owners a safer option to go after. Beneful from petco is known for giving dog owners a wide variety of products to choose from. When you look at the Purina Beneful catalog, you will find that they have 8 varieties of different dry dog foods. Their dry foods are clean and easy to digest. The 20 versions of wet dog food are also just as easy to digest, and they can provide a dog with a good meal daily. The varieties of snacks and dog treats are perfect for rewarding your dog with quality food. What your dog eats will dictate their overall health. Be wise with what they eat because you want them to live long lives and stay as health as possible. They’ll last longer when you get quality food for them.

The brains behind Lime Crime

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the cosmetic brand Lime Crime. That’s because Lime Crime is a company that produces all kinds of makeup featuring crazy colors. From their Magic Dust eyeshadows to Candyfuture Lipsticks, when individuals put on this makeup, people know they are rocking Lime Crime.

While many people have heard about Lime Crime, not many individuals know about the brains behind it. Lime Crime was created by Doe Deere, who is also commonly referred to as Xenia. When Deere first had the idea to make Lime Crime, she only had a couple hundred bucks to her name. However, that wasn’t about to stop her from following her dream. Deere decided to still pursue her passion.

Based on Doe Deere‘s past, she knew that she wanted a makeup brand that would encourage its users to never “quit their daydream”. Lime Crime is all about going after your dreams until it is a reality. What’s so great about Lime Crime, though, is that this makeup can be applied for everyday use or put on simply for fun occasions. For instance, the makeup produced by Lime Crime would be great for Halloween. With neon colored lipstick and eyeshadows, you could pull together a whole unique costume that others won’t be able to stop talking about.

Currently, Lime Crime is featured in the November issue of Nylon magazine. These publications know that the future is bright for Lime Crime. That’s because Lime Crime has a different kind of view on life. Opposed to other makeup brands, Lime Crime is one that wants you to embrace who you are. That’s why they put out makeup that is colorful and bright. Lime Crime believes you should stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

One of the reasons why users have come to love Lime Crime so much is that Deere really stands by her product. She cares about her customers and wants to make sure that they feel beautiful at all times. With this makeup, users will get a real boost of self confidence. In fact, consumers are even linking their friends and family to this makeup brand urging that they give the products a chance. There are blogs all over the Internet dedicated to Lime Crime.

Since Lime Crime is such a bold makeup brand, many people would assume that Deere is a loud and outspoken individual. She’s not. Deere is actually very soft spoken. She does have a Russian accent, which of course grabs others’ attention right away. Deere is always polite, though, and very sweet to talk to in interviews and other social settings. Deere has worked extremely hard on her brand and isn’t about to jeopardize it at all any time soon.

It’s clear that Lime Crime is heading straight for success and a lot of that is thanks to Deere. She is dedicated to her business and making Lime Crime reach its full potential. This business and its owner are one to look out for.

Similarities In Siblings Between Michael and Sergio

Many people in this world have at least one sibling. Often times there is rivalry between a person and their brothers. Most of the time as the siblings grow they go from hating to loving each other. There is also no one that has a persons back better than their siblings. A brother often fights his brother to the near death but if someone else gives their sibling a hard time they are stopped dead in their tracks. It is that undeniable bond that makes it so that no matter what a sibling sticks up for the other one. For only I can charge my own brother with negative actions, crimes, when in all reality in my eyes he could do no wrong.

Sergio has two brothers and that is how it is for him. He has them tried and true sticking by his side no matter what. It does on occasion happen that he has argued with his brothers but ultimately has the back of someone considered his blood. Do is siblings attend his concerts, are they proud of their brother? Most likely they are proud to a fault. There is no greater champion than that of a sibling. My brother can do no harm in my eyes, unless it is to me. Just like Sergio is Michael’s siblings. Tito and Janet just to name two.

He had times where he did not get along with either of them. Then again if there was any kind of problem he would defend his sister and brother to the last degree. He loved and cared about them. After all they all sang together as part of the Jackson Five. If there was not one else in the world to have their backs obviously their siblings did. In fact Michael had a really neat family who were deeply lost at the passing of Michael. Speaking at his funeral with great love and admiration for their little brother who left this earth way before his time.

Just like Michael, Sergio has had the backing of his siblings through some very rough times. Being a celebrity is never easy. People think they know you when they don’t. They travel forward to do whatever they think is best and at times back off. The relationship of siblings is not easy especially when there is rivalry there but in all honesty everyone goes through that from time to time.

Purina Care Plan

There are so many choices available today to feed our pets and making the right decision needs to go beyond a pretty package or a catchy commercial. Proper nutrition for your dog should be both nutritious and affordable. It’s also reassuring to have a quality product with a well known and trusted household name such as Purina. A veterinarian is the only person qualified to tell you what nutrition your pet needs. Asking your vet if Beneful is right for your pet and maintaining proper exercise and a safe environment will help in providing years of happiness for both you and your pet.
There are many pet foods available by Purina that are made with natural healthy ingredients. Purina was founded in 1894. Through trial and error, like every company has had to undergo to stay in business for this length of time, they have made a name for themselves as reliable pet food producers. Beneful is only one of their many products available to pet owners. They have such a large variety of dog foods in comparison to other companies. Consumers can compare several Purina Dog foods at the same time and choose whichever one suits their pets needs and a price that meets the pet owners needs.
The Beneful line of products from Purina has various stages available as well as a wet food for dogs. The Beneful line of Purina products can be found at most grocery stores and even pet supply stores such as Petco. If the Beneful line of pruducts does not meet your pets needs, Purina has many other products with higher quality ingredients for your pet. Purina One is another line of dog foods available for dog owners. This line is made with better ingredients and also at a higher cost. There’s also Proplan and Puppy or Dog chow as well as many other varieties and that’s only their dog food.
When it comes to choosing your pets food, it’s always best to consult your vet and come up with the best nutrition plan that’s right for them. It’s also important to compare ingredients and brands and watch how your pet does with foods. It’s true that not every food fits every pet and this is why many companies, including Purina, have developed many varieties of dog food to make it easier for pet owners to feed their furry friends what is best for them. Animals are like people and also my have different tastes as well as needs. Companies list ingredients and nutritional values on their labels making it easier than ever to compare what makes up the products available. Whether you feed Beneful or another Purina product and by forming a proper care plan with your vet, your on your way to a healthy start.

The Big Switch From Dry to Wet Beneful Dog food

Pugs, they are something else when it comes to food but you would think that large yellow labs would be as well. Well they can be, but in this case there was a pug that tended to get herself into trouble over and over. The yellow lab Abby was an old lady in comparison to the young Emma who came in to the house as a young adult.

Abby was the type of dog that was stubborn as could be and also was the diva of the house. She would put Emma into her place time and time again. It didn’t matter what it was about but Abby ruled the roost. One day is when it all started. The pug, Emma ate the chopped beneful blends and Abby was a consummate eater of the dry dog food from Beneful. From the moment Emma arrived in the house the two got along, but if Abby was upset about something she would let Emma know. Emma often avoided Abby by sitting behind her mom on the couch. She did this to get away from Abby when she was being an old crab. What happened next was absolutely unbelievable and it set a strange precedent in the house.

When it came to food Emma, who was the little young pug became the upper class man in the house. Soon she was going after Abby’s dry food. It was hilarious. Abby and Emma were standing next to each other eating food, when all of a sudden Emma took her paw and pushed Abby out of the way. She positioned herself in front of the bowl, Emma started eating it as fast as could be. Abby walked away from the bowl into the other room and lay down. It was a hilarious sight to behold. A few minutes later Abby walked back into the room and ate Emma’s food. Since that day the two have completely swapped food. Emma gobbles down the dry food and Abby eats the wet food. It was an interesting evolution in the household.

Abby continued to be a stubborn as ever, one time she even ran away only to flop and play complete dead in a neighbor’s yard, to which the neighbor asked if he should call the emergency vet. Abby’s owner was exhausted and very upset at her. She had absolutely no control over that dog, but Emma certainly did.
Beneful on amazon is an amazing food as both of these dogs love it, but not until they convinced the house that they had the wrong foods. The little dog wanted the big dog’s dry food and the big dog was quite happy when Emma decided they needed to switch food dishes. It was something that will never be forgotten.

Beneful Should Be The Staple Of Every Dog’s Diet

If it was up to a child, a dog might not eat the right foods any time of the day. Children like to feed dogs whatever they think the dog may like, and more than likely they are feeding the dog something that they are currently eating. Children like candy, cookies, cakes, and other types of processed foods that may not be good for them. Although a good parent will keep a child from overindulging in these types of foods, it doesn’t mean the child won’t have the food once in a while, and they are likely to share the food with the dog.

Dogs should really only eat dog food that’s given to them, and they shouldn’t be eating any of the food that their human counterparts are consuming. Every family will sit down to dinner each night, and sometimes the dog may be sitting near the table. What the dog will eat when the family is eating dinner depends on the family. Some family members will simply scrape their leftover food into the dog’s bowl and let the dog enjoy the same food they’ve just eaten. Although it sounds good to feed a dog leftovers, this is not the most nutritious food for the dog.

When a family is sitting down to dinner it’s best for the dog to have their own dog food, and it should be put into their bowl, so the dog can enjoy food the same time as the family. It’s not wise for a family to sit down to eat dinner and not feed the dog at the same time because it’s likely that the dog will expect food from the dinner table. If everyone sits down and has their own meal at the same time, including the dog, then everyone is likely to be satisfied with what they’re eating.

So what type of dog food should a dog be eating? Dogs should eat dry or wet dog food that is made specifically for dogs. Beneful is a good choice of dog food, and it’s because of the great nutritional value that it has. Not only is Beneful high in protein, which can give the dog additional energy, but carbohydrates and vegetables are included in dog food too. Beneful manufactures their dog food to the highest standards, and many pet owners love the fact that Beneful is good food for their dog, and their dogs enjoy it as well.

Buying Purina Beneful isn’t hard, especially since it sold in stores as well as online. Even those who live out in the middle of the woods can simply order Beneful from the online store as long as they have access to shipping services. Beneful is something that many dogs enjoy, and certain dogs will enjoy it more than others, but all dogs love the taste of it. For pet owners who are looking to give their dog an additional treat, they should try Beneful dog treats or the snacks that they have available.

Understanding the Intellectual Property Rights

The Intellectual property branch of law deals with the rules for securing and implementing legal rights to designs, inventions, and individual artistic works. The same way the law protects ownership of private property or real estate, it also protects the total control of intangible personal assets. The main objective of the intellectual property law is to offer an incentive for individuals to develop innovative works that ultimately benefit society. Mr. Frans Schoeman utilizes the laws to ensure that the founders profit from their innovative works without fear of exploitation by others. Here are some of the most common intellectual property rights that one need to know what they entail. In case one requires more insight into them, one can consult Frans Schoeman or his South African law firm, Phatsima Diamond on


A patent is a type of right extended by the government to an innovative inventor. The rights give their owner the right to prohibit other people from making, selling, offering to sell, using and importing their authentic inventions for a certain period. That is normally in exchange for any public disclosure of the particular invention. In this case, an invention is described as a solution to a certain technological problem that is usually a product, a unique process or a formula. The innovation has to meet three basic requirements to be patented. It has to be original, not obvious and bearing potential commercial applicability.


A copyright offers the designer of an original work, the exclusive rights to the invention usually for a limited period. Copyright may as well apply to a wide range of intellectual, creative or artistic forms of works. However, as an intellectual property lawyer like Schoeman can confirm, copyright does not cover the ideas or information particularly. They only protect the manner and form in which they are put across.

Industrial Design Rights

Industrial design right, which is also called design right protects a visual design of an object that is not entirely utilitarian. An industrial design comprises of the formation of a shape, configuration, and composition of color or pattern. It also features a combination of colors and patterns in three-dimensional appearance that contain an artistic value. Industrial designs are normally two-dimension or three-dimensional blueprint used in the innovation of a handicraft, product or an industrial commodity. The application, implementation and infringement of these rights are complex and therefore, one should seek the hand of experienced intellectual property lawyers like Schoeman of Phatsima Diamond in South Africa.


A trademark is described as a unique design, sign or expression that distinguishes services or products of a certain trader from other similar services or products of competitors. Schoeman has won hundreds of trademark-related cases in the past.

Trade Dress

The term “trade dress” is a legal term in Art that refers to features of the visual appearance of products or their packaging. It can as well refer to the design of a building that denotes the source of the artwork to consumers.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are formulas, practice, instrument, process, pattern, compilation or design of information that is not commonly known or sensibly ascertainable. They are normally avenues where businesses can acquire economic edges over competitors or even customers.

Flipora Receives New Round Of Funding

Flipora is a platform that helps people discover content that they will find interesting, and it is actually one of the best ways to find great content that you will love. It is a good platform and that is why it comes to no surprise that the company has recently received $1.5 million in funding. This latest round of funding should help grow the company, just as the $3 million funding it received in 2010, which was when Flipora grew its idea.

As for who some of the investors are, they are some well-known people. Gokul Rajaram, the person who created Google AdSense, as well as Barney Pell, the CEO of Powerset, have invested in Flipora. The founder of, Mayank Bawa, has also invested in Flipora.

Flipora was founded by Vijay Krishnan and Jonathan Siddharth, while they were attending the same university. The pair have a dream to create a discovery engine that provides people with relevant content.

Flipora is hoping that it can become a global sensation and one that can change the world. This new round of funding should help the owners globalize Flipora. In the future, more and more people could end up using Flipora because they may find that they receive more relevant content than what the search engines provide them with.

Only time will tell whether or not Flipora will continue to grow, but there is a good chance that it will grow by a lot, especially since there are some big-name investors backing the company.