Things To Remember When Becoming A Better Businesswoman

In the world of business today, there are so many women who are becoming businesswomen. There are so many amazing opportunities for women to jump in, and the chances are extremely considering that more and more people are showcasing and believing in women it get into the world of business. There are countless people who are making changes in the world of business because women are getting more and more recognized. If you are a woman in the world of business, all you have to do is learn about putting your time in the right places and also improve what you already have done.

Things To Remember When Becoming A Better Businesswoman

– Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It’s important to remember that you should always step out of your comfort zone in the world of business. When a new opportunity presents itself, grab it and take advantage of the chance that you are being given. It can be amazing to see what can happen, and making wise choices goes a long way. Anybody in the world of business will tell you to step out of your world and get working.

Susan McGalla knows all about stepping out of the comfort zone. As a business consultant, she has helped countless people with their business choices. She is the main Director of Strategic Planning and Growth in the Pittsburgh Steelers. She was also a dedicated President of the American Eagle Outfitters. Despite having a husband and 2 children, she has still become a successful businesswoman. Susan has proven that you can become a president of a company and make a big difference in the lives of countless people with your business ideas.

– Invest Your Money In The Right Places

It’s important to always invest your money in the right places. Be wise with where you put your money and how often you invest. It’s so vital that you are careful with where you out your money along with who you work with. Any business can require some kind of risk, so being wise goes a long way to ensure you succeed.

– Creativity Always Pays Off

Most businesswomen will tell anybody in this industry to remember that creativity goes a long way. When you become a businesswoman, you’ll find that it can be hard to actually stay as creative as you always were before. Being creative is all about seeing things differently and also putting your money in the most profitable places.

One last thing you should remember to become a successful businesswoman is to continually educating yourself in all aspects of business. You will find that just learning from others that are successful will help you learn from them along the way. It’ll pay off in the long run when you also invest your money in yourself and your education. Business advice can go a long way as well. Continue to educate yourself with business ideas and knowledge, and you’ll surely succeed in your chosen field and build a successful business.

What Lies Behind A Brilliant Mind? Meet IT Extraordinaire Shaygan Kheradpir

British-born, Iranian-raised technology executive and business mogul Shaygan Kheradpir is a pioneering talent. Prior to relocating to the U.S. in pursuit of a university education, he attended Aiglon College, a Switzerland-based institution. His dad held employment as a licensed Otolaryngologist. Shaygan Kheradpir studied electrical engineering at Cornell University, where he attained his Masters, Bachelors, and Doctoral degree. He particularly focused on the science of control systems. Shortly after completing his studies, Kheradpir landed employment GTE Corporation, which became Verizon after an amicable merger with Bell Atlantic in 2000. It’s been with the company over eleven years since he first joined the group. Additionally, he’s held numerous roles, including his latest CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

Shaygan Kheradpir is the chief mastermind behind the company’s innovative strategies and award-winning product launches. When he joined the Boston-based GTE division, he handled duties ranging from systems control, management to network routing. He later headed the software systems department. Amazingly, he guided the business to develop a world-class platform. It became the nation’s premier network management specialist in transmission, TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System) and integrated infrastructure. Later, Kheradpir joined the Dallas headquarters and headed the information, wireline, internet working and wireless unit. With his assistance, the company accomplished lucrative cost structure and infrastructure improvements. In fact, he helped the company reduce its technology expense by an impressive 30%.

With Kheradpir’s revolutionary ideas, a Verizon introduced a vast selection of innovative technologies and solutions. A sampling includes FiOS carrier-grade voice-over-IP, TV, high-speed data and internet streaming services. He gave life to other market-leading products, including FiOS home solutions. Fascinatingly, it’s become the nation’s largest infrastructure enterprise and covers a broad network. In fact, it’s generated an estimated fortune of over $12 Billion in revenue. Kheradpir has cultivated a diverse culture that drives positive change in the community, among investors, employees and customers. At Verizon, Kheradpir introduced the mobile money outlet Pingit, lobi, VerizonOne, Cloudit and other cutting-edge business ideas.

Kheradpir also became Juniper Networks CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The company based in Silicon Valley is a leading networking franchise. He joined the London-based Barclays bank headquarters in 2011 and later stepped up as CEO. His appointment as CTO/COO involved managing the entire global empire, including business, investment/corporate banking, retail, wealth, and cards. With his leadership, Barclays became vastly industrialized with the implementation of advanced digital solutions. His tenure at Barclays wasn’t long. In 2013, he went to join Juniper Networks as the CEO in 2014.

In 2010, Kheradpir became a U.S. NIST (United States National Institute of Standards and Technology) board member. He served the organization also called VCAT (Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology) for three years. Prior to joining the USNIST, he served the Greater New York YMCA chapter from 2007-2010 as an advisory board official. He’s currently serving the CUEC (Cornell University Engineering Council) board of directors. With an impressive track record, Kheradpir has attracted lucrative business contracts and alliance with global partners. What’s more, his superior industry expertise, technical vision and passion for technology makes him an unequaled asset.

Electrical Engineering In American Business Success

It is safe to say that there would be no business in America without the art of electrical engineering. Over the past 100 years, the discipline has branched off into many different forms. Nowadays, it is impossible to have any major business without a rudimentary knowledge of electrical engineering. The many disciplines that encompass electrical engineering are the result of ever-changing technology, and the application of those technologies in everyday business. Understanding how the various disciplines have been incorporated in business, is the main focus for today’s electrical engineer.

Understanding the various advancements in technology and how they all relate with each other can be a driving force for many businesses. Understanding the advancements in the usage of electricity, such as the power of circuit boards and microchips, individuals with knowledge and the applications of political engineering have made advancements that have shaped the way my business is run. And because of these advancements, many businesses have seen exponential growth.

Communications, especially in network routing and engineering, have had a significant impact upon American business. Individuals like Shaygan Kheradpir have presented to the electronics world various advancements that have allowed businesses to operate and grow in the midst of constant innovation and marketing. Because of this growth, entire market segments have expanded greatly over the last 10 years.

There are many individuals who take their vast knowledge and political engineering, and apply it to the business world. These individuals can often help businesses on grow greatly due to their vast knowledge of electrical engineering and its application to individualize businesses as well as corporate entities.

Individuals like Shaygan Kheradpir have an extensive background in both business dealings, and electrical engineering. His vast résumé displays a firm understanding of businesses and how they operate, as well as experience with some of the largest companies in the world as a business planner, strategist and electrical engineer.

Kheradpir has held a long and varied career in business and technology. He has worked for organizations such as GTE corporate, as well as serving as the CIO for Verizon. He also served as the CEO for Juniper networks in 2014.

Kheradpir’s main discipline however is in information technology. During his time for Verizon, he led a IT team of over 7000 individuals, spearheading the creation of such programs and products as iobi, a telephone managing service and Verizon One. He has proven to be an innovator time and time again over the over 20 years of his career.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for seasoned individuals to carry on the spearhead of business growth in America. Individuals such as Kheradpir possess a long successful track record that has translated into business success for individuals as well as corporate entities.

The Chinese Has Always Embraced Their Own Form Of Capitalism

For more than 2,000 years, China had the number one economy in the world. While the rest of the world was sleeping under the spell of religion, petty economics and social unrest according to Valuewalk’s Christian Broda, China was supplying the world with goods that other countries couldn’t live without. China was an open trader while its nemesis, Japan kept itself closed to the world. When the industrial revolution developed in England, China’s stature as the foremost economy in the world got its first challenge.

The rise of colonialist capitalism was the beginning of a new era in China economics and it wasn’t a good one. China was humiliated, semi-colonized, torn apart by civil wars and pauperized by revolutions. But Chinese manufacturing, according to Christan Broda, the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management in New York, brought the country back from the break of economic failure. In fact, Chinese manufacturing has brought the country great prosperity, according to Mr. Broda.

China is once again the largest economy in the world. The Chinese took the title away from the United States in 2014, and economist say it will keep that position even though the country is going through some major financial issues. The reason economists like Broda think China will stay on top is simple. China has developed their own form of capitalism. It’s called authoritative capitalism. The government tells industry what to do, and at times, how to do it. Even though millions of people still live in poverty in China, the country has incredible solar farms, massive manufacturing plants that look more like cities than factories, and a space program that rivals America’s NASA program. The Chinese government wants growth to continue, but the government also wants the country to stay the same.

But staying the same is no longer an option according to economists like Christian Broda. China has socially transformed itself as fast as it has expanded economically. And China is immersed in a belligerent form of nationalism that hurts rather than helps their quest to keep the masses under control for very long especially in the age of the World Wide Web. Even though the government tries to censor the Internet, the Chinese people have access to the outside world of democratic capitalism, and that is an economic and social game-changer.

The Expansion of Organo Gold

A couple of the hot trends circulating around the globe begins with the desire to be healthier, turning to holistic medicine as a means of treatment, and a love of coffee that no hot beverage can match! Through the observant and responsive eye of the C.E.O. and found of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, created a master piece encompassing the three trends all into one delicious cup.

Along with creating the perfect product, his delivery was well set! Chua thoughtfully managed his company into 35 countries, one of which, being Turkey. The societal needs of Turkey were centered around the three values of Organo Gold, but also a fun fact made this expansion more meaningful. Since Chua’s products are coffee based, he thought bringing the wholesome cup-of-Joe to the country that first set up shoppe would be nothing short of necessary.

Organo Gold is an amazing line of coffee based products that are infused with an ancient Chinese herb. Ganoderma, the vital Chinese mushroom, is known to support a healthy body and a long life. The products range from a shot of espresso to a cup of hot coffee with a variety of options between.

Not only is Organo Gold a brand that considers the needs of the public and considers the fun of history, it is continuing to expand it’s distributers to make it’s high quality products available around the world. This also gives opportunities to be an independent distributor. If you are interested in Organo Gold, follow Chua through Twitter and LinkedIn to see the ever growing opportunities.

James Dondero’s Contribution at Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm which focuses its services mainly in structured investments, distresses investment, and hedge funds management. It also provides its corporate and retail clients with high yield bonds, leveraged loans and structured products. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It also has offices in London, Singapore, and New York City.

The firm was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. James Dondero has been greatly involved in the company’s success. His several years of experience in credit market helped the company to develop high yield credit solutions that have been greatly successful. He attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with a BS in Commerce. He worked with American Express before co-founding Highland Capital Management.

Since 1993, the investment firm has seen tremendous growth. It has grown from a small investment company to an international firm with over $19 million assets under its management. It manages two main funds: Highland Distressed Opportunities and Highland Credit Strategy Fund. The firm has also created tailored services to cater of investors interested in emerging markets, real estate, oil and gas, and health care fields.

Highland Capital Management is an experienced firm when it comes to managing global alternative credit. It has a wide range of products in the area that are developed to provide corporate clients with high yield. An example of these loan products is Leveraged Loans, commonly called bank loans. The firm introduced separate accounts in 2000 to support its high yield credit solutions. Highland is one of the world’s largest bank loan managers with over $13 billion of loan under its management. It received the Lipper Fund Award in 2014 for its high yield credit solutions.

Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) management is also provided by the firm. With this solution, the firm helps investors to achieve better performance on their investments while still enjoying minimal risks. The investors also enjoy investing in banks loans that are larger and broadly syndicated. Highland also ensures clients enjoy a rigorous credit research process and disciplined approach that helps them manage risks involved. The firm also offers CLO investing solutions.

Highland Capital is recognized as one of the pioneers in CLO. In 1996, the firm was able to set its first non-bank deal. Through its partnership with Acis, the firm manages CLOs valued at $11 billion. Acis is an established CLO manager. Acis and its members have traded over $32 billion in the last ten year. Highland’s partnership with Acis provides investors with optimal access to the CLO market.

Highland Capital Management continues to transform investment management industry. Its products are frequently updated to cater for the changing market needs. The firm offers its services to both retail and corporate clients spread over North America, Europe and Asia.

Mergers and Acquisition and how James Dondero has expanded HCM

Investment banking in the broad sense of the word covers a wide spectrum of services including trading of securities, Mergers and Acquisition, derivatives and FICC services. Traditionally, investment banks have always played the role of assisting governments, individuals and corporations raise capital through the issuance of securities by underwriting. Mergers and Acquisition services act as an important source of income for investment banks because the service attracts higher underwriting fees. The M&A advisory services offered by Investment banks are normally structured according to the aspects that underlie the sale and acquisition of a company or assets. These aspects include negotiation, structuring of transaction, procedure of implementation, business valuation and pricing.

The advisory role played by the investment bank during a merger transaction can be classified as either buy-side assignment or sell-side assignment. Under a buy-side assignment, the investment bank acts as the advisor to the acquirer or buyer. On the other hand, under a sell-side assignment, the investment bank takes the role of advising the seller.
The whole merger plan follows the step-by-step process:
• Strategic assessment of probable transaction
• Negotiation and documentation
• Approval by the board of directors
• Shareholders disclosure and regulatory filing
• Approval of merger plans by the shareholder
• Closing the deal

During the first step of strategic assessment of probable transaction, the investment bank identifies a probable case for a merger and then contacts the potential partners to discuss the transaction. If the parties agree to move forward with the deal, a follow-up meeting is arranged. The negotiation and documentation step takes care of document signing and filing needed to complete the merger. This process is followed by an approval from the board of directors. During this stage, the BOD of the client and the merger company meet to pass the agreed resolutions.

The investment banks then sees to it that fairness is observed and that every partner gets his rightful side of the bargain. When undertaking the crucial process of shareholder disclosure and regulatory filing, the parties involved in the deal will prepare and file the appropriate papers. This step is followed by a shareholder meeting and the preparation of the filings in line with antitrust laws, before the integration plan is rolled out. Nest in line is the shareholder approval process; during this stage, all the companies in the deal hold a shareholders meeting to pass the agreed merger resolutions. At the closing stage, the deal is sealed and share issuance effected.

Since its founding in 1990, Highland Capital Management has grown to become one of the largest alternative credit managers in the world of investment banking. Under the leadership of James Dondero CPA, CMA President and Co-Founder, the company has expanded its investment product portfolios beyond Centralized Loan Obligation (CLO) and separate accounts to include distressed assets return strategies. Dondero is also the chairman of Nedbank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. When it comes to philanthropy and social responsibility, Dondero has stood for many societal causes by supporting veteran’s affairs, education and public policy.

Retail Leader Susan McGalla Mentors The Next Generation of Business Leaders

When Susan McGalla on wikinvest was growing up in Pittsburgh, she went through the typical sibling rivalries with her two older brothers. Neither her brothers nor her father, who worked as a football coach, gave her any leniency because she was a girl or because she was the youngest. The rule in the house was that everyone was supposed to respect each other and not rely on any stereotypes or “roles” to avoid hard work.

These early lessons helped Susan Mcgalla become a leader in the retail industry. After graduating from Mount Union college, McGalla started her career working in various management positions at Joseph Horne Company. She then moved on to American Eagle Outfitters, the job that is most associated with her success in the industry. In fifteen years at American Eagle, McGalla rose through the ranks all the way to President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the American Eagle brand and then the entire company. Her rise was all the more impressive because when she started at American Eagle, the company did not have a single woman on the board of directors or in a high level management position.

McGalla broke the gender barrier precisely by not concerning herself with the gender barrier. She demanded that she be respected and treated as a professional, not compartmentalized as a woman. She attributes much of her success to being able to work equally well with men and women. By doing so, she spurred an evolution in American Eagle’s corporate culture that encouraged workers at the company to be bold in presenting their ideas and taking on leadership roles. For McGalla, it was that change in culture that allowed the company to expand its operations from a niche retailer for teenage boys into a fashion leader for both children and young adults of both genders.

McGalla has now started her own consulting firm where she can mentor other businesses with the lessons from her successful career. At P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, she serves as an expert to clients on corporate management practices, with a focus on the retail industry. Having grown up with brothers and a father passionate about football, it is fitting that she also serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla has also spoken to outside organizations about how women can advance in the business world. Recent speaking engagements have included the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. Even with several chapters in her own career yet to be written, McGalla has accomplished enough to teach the next generation of business leaders.

Essential tips for a business woman

Simple definition places this species of women as ladies who transact, take part or can get organized and do business. Behind these people are tales of sacrifices, stories of perseverance that of courage and self-motivation to those who have taken decisions to venture into money generating activities and create careers for themselves. We all know of mothers probably from own definition derived from those we call our own. They show the diligence, passion and hard work in their ventures. This has lead to a global revolution of women to take up what was obviously centuries ago done by men.

In the article, we are going to share few tips on how a woman can stand out in the business fraternity. Like any other career, a woman or anyone else to be able to get inspire by at times reading or hearing from those who have made it in the business. A woman in business gets this motivation and inspiration, by reading from fellow women who have made it. They can get knowledge on what to expect like challenges, and how to tackle them.

One of the few and diligent ladies in the business world is Susan McGalla. An American businesswoman who doubles up as an executive consultant from Pitts burg Pennsylvania in the United States of America. You might have heard of her, as she is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc and also served as the chief executive officer of West Seal Inc. A lovely face in the corporate world, born in East Liverpool Ohio with her two brothers and a football coach that probably never cut her some slack just because she was female. She attained a degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College. She currently sits in various boards including Mount Union College. She has grown over the years to with exemplary performance of her duties and responsibilities. McGalla founded P3 executive consulting and now serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

From the simple tale of Susan McGalla, it is evident that women have no limits to attain any of their desired heights of greatness.

Consider on the field that has a little competition with few women. This benefits you as a lady taking a risk to venture into a field that the society least expects you to be. This may turn into incentives designed for the courage you took to be in the field.

Although you might all be excited about earning an income and getting that financial freedom, it is vital to be able to weigh how to manage a balance between you and the family. This is probably a great concern for ladies in the labor industry, but it is vital to do research for firms with parent-friendly policies like paid maternity leaves, flexible scheduling and so forth.

Its prudent for you to Be confident of what you signed up for. Be assertive by avoiding emotions at work to avoid being taken advantage on.

Purina PetCare is an All Around American Pet Product Provider

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Purina has been providing the best dog foods to dog owners for years. It was purchased by Nestle in 2001 and became Nestle Purina Petcare. Today on Purina News it is the largest pet food company in the US and it is the second largest in the world. With so many happy pet owners and pets Purina clearly knows the secret behind keeping everyone happy. Its products are geared at cat and dog owners and there are a wide variety of products available for all types of animals and their owners from budget to health and diet conscious.

Purina realizes that every dog is different, and therefore they provide different lines of dog food designed to meet the individual needs of different dogs. For older dogs they have a senior range called Purina Pro Plan with whole grains to help with digestion and ingredients that help improve brain function. Similarly, athletic dogs and highly active young pups enjoy the Purina Pro Plan Sport range with extra protein and fat.

Their cat lines are similar with different ranges designed to meet the needs of every cat as well. For instance, they introduced a line of appetizers for picky eater cats called Fancy Feast Appetizers. They are constantly adding new flavors and new recipes with signature lines that seem to leave cats and their owners happy. They also have a wide range of brands from Fancy Feast to Deli-Cat to Chef Michael’s to make everyone from the budget shopper to the gourmet helper happy.

Purina has also helped to build its own reputation as America’s favorite pet food provider by reaching out into the pet community. They sponsor a wide variety of charities and encourage their employees to do volunteer work every year. They also treat their employees by allowing them to bring their pets to work with them. In 2011 they became the official sponsor for the Westminister dog show. They are also known for being a sustainable company working hard to keep their manufacturing plant and entire organization as sustainable as possible with solar panels and other energy saving devices in place. So you can feel confident and proud to purchase Purina for your pets.