Essential tips for a business woman

Simple definition places this species of women as ladies who transact, take part or can get organized and do business. Behind these people are tales of sacrifices, stories of perseverance that of courage and self-motivation to those who have taken decisions to venture into money generating activities and create careers for themselves. We all know of mothers probably from own definition derived from those we call our own. They show the diligence, passion and hard work in their ventures. This has lead to a global revolution of women to take up what was obviously centuries ago done by men.

In the article, we are going to share few tips on how a woman can stand out in the business fraternity. Like any other career, a woman or anyone else to be able to get inspire by at times reading or hearing from those who have made it in the business. A woman in business gets this motivation and inspiration, by reading from fellow women who have made it. They can get knowledge on what to expect like challenges, and how to tackle them.

One of the few and diligent ladies in the business world is Susan McGalla. An American businesswoman who doubles up as an executive consultant from Pitts burg Pennsylvania in the United States of America. You might have heard of her, as she is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc and also served as the chief executive officer of West Seal Inc. A lovely face in the corporate world, born in East Liverpool Ohio with her two brothers and a football coach that probably never cut her some slack just because she was female. She attained a degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College. She currently sits in various boards including Mount Union College. She has grown over the years to with exemplary performance of her duties and responsibilities. McGalla founded P3 executive consulting and now serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

From the simple tale of Susan McGalla, it is evident that women have no limits to attain any of their desired heights of greatness.

Consider on the field that has a little competition with few women. This benefits you as a lady taking a risk to venture into a field that the society least expects you to be. This may turn into incentives designed for the courage you took to be in the field.

Although you might all be excited about earning an income and getting that financial freedom, it is vital to be able to weigh how to manage a balance between you and the family. This is probably a great concern for ladies in the labor industry, but it is vital to do research for firms with parent-friendly policies like paid maternity leaves, flexible scheduling and so forth.

Its prudent for you to Be confident of what you signed up for. Be assertive by avoiding emotions at work to avoid being taken advantage on.

Purina PetCare is an All Around American Pet Product Provider

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Purina has been providing the best dog foods to dog owners for years. It was purchased by Nestle in 2001 and became Nestle Purina Petcare. Today on Purina News it is the largest pet food company in the US and it is the second largest in the world. With so many happy pet owners and pets Purina clearly knows the secret behind keeping everyone happy. Its products are geared at cat and dog owners and there are a wide variety of products available for all types of animals and their owners from budget to health and diet conscious.

Purina realizes that every dog is different, and therefore they provide different lines of dog food designed to meet the individual needs of different dogs. For older dogs they have a senior range called Purina Pro Plan with whole grains to help with digestion and ingredients that help improve brain function. Similarly, athletic dogs and highly active young pups enjoy the Purina Pro Plan Sport range with extra protein and fat.

Their cat lines are similar with different ranges designed to meet the needs of every cat as well. For instance, they introduced a line of appetizers for picky eater cats called Fancy Feast Appetizers. They are constantly adding new flavors and new recipes with signature lines that seem to leave cats and their owners happy. They also have a wide range of brands from Fancy Feast to Deli-Cat to Chef Michael’s to make everyone from the budget shopper to the gourmet helper happy.

Purina has also helped to build its own reputation as America’s favorite pet food provider by reaching out into the pet community. They sponsor a wide variety of charities and encourage their employees to do volunteer work every year. They also treat their employees by allowing them to bring their pets to work with them. In 2011 they became the official sponsor for the Westminister dog show. They are also known for being a sustainable company working hard to keep their manufacturing plant and entire organization as sustainable as possible with solar panels and other energy saving devices in place. So you can feel confident and proud to purchase Purina for your pets.

My Boyfriend And I Choose To Feed Our Dog Beneful

I never thought I would have a dog of my own because I was always allergic to them when I was growing up. Maybe it’s the fact that I started taking allergy medicines over the years that has helped me to get used to being around dogs. I also had a fear of dogs, but I quickly overcame it when I got older because I realized that most dogs are very kind. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now, and he wants to move in with me. The only thing is that my boyfriend has a dog.

I wasn’t sure that it would work out having a dog live in my house, but I really wanted to move forward with my boyfriend, and I had to accept the dog as well. I had no problem with the dog, but I was really worried about my allergies acting up again. It wasn’t long after the dog moved in that I started finding other problems. Although he was a good dog, my boyfriend wasn’t looking after him the way he should. If the dog went into the yard to do his business, my boyfriend let it sit there for days.

The reason I found the dog’s business in the yard is because I stepped in it, and I got it all over my pet. I had no problem with allergies when it came to the dog, but I didn’t think my boyfriend was taking proper care of him. We had a discussion about his behavior with the dog, and we both decided that we would both take care of the dog whenever we could. I told my boyfriend that I would help out, and I would feed the dog when he wasn’t home.

I started doing my part by giving the dog a bath every other day. I would groom the dog as necessary, even if I had to take him to a professional. When it came time for the dog to eat, that’s where me and my boyfriend differed on what the dog should eat. My boyfriend felt table scraps were suffice, but I knew that dogs should have healthier food. I even researched the different dog foods out there, and I came up with the conclusion that Beneful was the best kind of dog food for our pet. I even went to the store and picked up a few bags of Beneful.

I took the food home for the dog to eat, and he had no problem eating the food very quickly. I asked my boyfriend to no longer feed the dog table scraps, and we decided that we would only feed our dog Beneful. The dog became a lot more energetic after I started feeding him Beneful, and I would even take him out for walks in the evening. My boyfriend even stated that the dog seemed to be healthier, and I really think it’s because of Beneful as well as the fact that we are both taking care of the dog.

Purina PetCare – More Than Just Pet Food

Purina PetCare, the St. Louis, Missouri-based line of pet food, treats, and litter, originally founded as Ralston Purina, was acquired in 2001 by Nestle for $10.3 billion, merging with their entity, Friskies Petcare Company. With products including Purina Pro Plan, Friskies, Beneful, Purina Dog Chow, and Purina ONE, the company has grown to become a leader in the pet food industry in the United States, as well as the second largest globally.

The Purina News slogan is “Your Pet, Our Passion.” Their websitse, offers a variety of articles and advice including puppy care, getting a cat, and behavior and training.

Purina PetCare sponsors a number of pet-related charities and events through television advertising, competitions, mobile applications and sponsorship. Recently, a touching advertisement of a man bonding with his puppy was released, and can be seen here…courtesy of HNGN.

With the market showing a willingness for consumers to spend more money on their pets, in 2008, a separate company called PurinaCare headquartered in San Antonio, Texas that sold pet insurance was created. Purina introduced pet litter products by 2009, and built new manufacturing facilities in Russia and Thailand.

As the company continued to grow, more and more specialized pet foods were developed. An appetizer cat food, Fancy Feast Appetizers, was introduced in 2009. Purina Pro Plan for senior dogs in 2010. Purina One Beyond, a grain-free dog food, was introduced in 2011. Purina Pro Plan Sport with extra fat and protein intended for athletic dogs, in 2013.

Purina expanded their product to Brazil in 2014 using the brand name Ravena. This brand uses local ingredients such as acerola and jabuticaba fruits, further growing their global market.

The introduction of Purina-branded accessories began in 2011. With the forming of Purina PetGear, consumers were offered products including training pads, beds, leashes and cleaners.

Within a relatively short period of time, Purina PetCare and its subsidiaries have built a strong and reliable reputation in both the United States and global markets.

Houston’s Sturdy Real Estate Scene

The Houston real estate scene is a sometimes volatile place, as this hardy Texas town is a place knows all about ups and downs in the market. Houston is a city that has gone through some dramatic boom and bust phases, but somehow this town has weathered all these storms and remains truly vibrant. These days the real estate scene is Houston is having some shudders as recession and oil-price anxiety slow down the housing market. Still though, there are other positive signs on the horizon, including a widening of the Panama Canal due to be completed in 2016, which is sure to improve the oil business in Houston, and business in the area in general.

Yes, even as Houston weathers a bit of a slowdown after years of seeming to be recession-proof, there are plenty of signs that point to a bright future here.
The Highland Village retail center is one of Houston’s ongoing success stories. Leased by property magnate Haidar Barbouti, who has been on the job since 1990, the center is an upscale jewel in the Houston area, and continues to attract the kinds of stores that attract a trendy, high-spending crowd. The center was the first to lease a Starbucks back in 1994, and today it boasts the only Apple Store in Houston.

What’s the secret of Highland Village’s ongoing success in an up and down market? Haidar Barbouti’s philosophy seems to be, if you build it, they will comes, which is undoubtably the logic behind Barbouti’s Up eatery, which is a now thriving addition to the trendy restaurant scene in Houston.

The positive spirit that continues to power the success stories in Houston is an encouraging sign of more great things to come in this always fascinating urban center.

Dog Care Techniques That Anyone Can Incorporate Easily

Caring for your dog is all about giving them that extra attention they crave so that they can life a longer and healthier life. The challenge for most pet owners is their business schedules often conflict with their ability to spend real quality time with their dog. The end result is the dog is usually home alone just lying around for hours during the day after having just slept at night for another eight hours. By scheduling time with your dog, it becomes as important as a meeting with an important client. The big difference is you are actually helping to promote a healthier lifestyle that will keep your dog more active as they age.

Schedule time first thing in the morning with your dog and both of you will benefit. You get the benefit of firing up tour metabolism first thing in the morning, meaning your body will burn calories more easily through the day and you will be more alert to take on all the challenges that come your way. Your dog gets quality time with you, they get to stretch their legs, and they improve the joint and muscle strength too. Now when they get into a routine, they will awake each morning looking forward to that time together with you, something that will have long-lasting positive effects for everyone involved.

Consider looking closely at the ingredients in the foods you are feeding your dog. If you can not easily identify all the ingredients, or it looks more like they are eating a bowl of chemicals that nutrients, consider switching to a healthier alternative like a Beneful brand dog food on Beneful only uses all-natural ingredients, from beef, liver, chicken, and pork, mixed with healthy vegetables like green beans and rice. Purina goes to great lengths to ensure the foods they prepare are wholesome and made of the ingredients dog’s simply crave.

Visit the veterinarian at least once a year, preferably every six months if possible. Technology in the medical field has advanced so fast that many doctors can identify and treat potential problems with your dog long before they become a serious problem. These treatments of course work best when caught and diagnosed early, ensuring your dog has the best chance to heal and life a long life. Your vet can also tell you about the latest vitamins available that promote healthy and strong bones, relive muscle and joint pain, and ease any discomfort that your dog may be feeling.

Don’t forget that when it comes time to reward your pet, that you give them only 100% natural treats. Beneful also bakes shortbread cookies and crackers, made with all the flavors your dog will love. The ingredients are wholesome and delicious, and you are getting the added benefit of eliminating all those dangerous toxins that dogs consume when buying inferior snacks. Read the label on your dog snacks and if they are anything but 100% natural, make the switch to Purina brand and give your dog snacks that will help them as they grow.

Why Should Pet Owners be Careful When Buying Dog Food?

When someone is buying food for the dog that is a part of their family, they need to choose the food that they buy carefully. It is important that those who are buying dog food choose dog food that is going to help their pets out. Those who are buying dog food need to be careful in the food that they choose, so that they look out for their pet in the best way. No one wants to give their dog food that is not safe for that animal, so it is important that pet owners be careful when they are buying dog food.

Beneful offers a variety of dog food products, and the products that they offer are safe for those animals that will be consuming them. When it comes to offering safe products, Beneful is a brand that does what they are supposed to do. Pet owners who are looking for a dog food that will be safe for their dog and that will help that animal stay healthy need to stick with a brand that is known for producing quality products, a brand like Beneful.

Food for Your Fido

Your dog is more than just a furry little buddy, it’s your best friend or even a part of the family. That’s one of the reasons why providing safe, nutritious and tasteful dog food is so important. Most store bought dog food is referred to as either wet or dry. The wet variety contains about 60-90 percent of moisture by volume, while the dry type contains only around 10 percent. While dry dog food tends to be cheaper in price, how do canine owners figure out which of the dozens of brands for sale is the best?

One way to make sure your pooch is being fed healthy and safe food, is to buy big brands that are well known and have a reputation for quality. One study found that the smaller companies that manufacture just seven percent of dog food sold account for 83 percent of recalls due to pet health concerns. One large and trusted brand that has a reputation for wholesome and safe dog food is Beneful. Beneful on has over 20 varieties of both wet and dry food to keep your pet companion full and healthy. Perhaps most important, Beneful tests for over 150 toxic substances in their food such as mycotoxins, lead and arsenic. With these quality control measures, owners can be reasonably assured that Beneful is a top choice for their dogs.

Fewer People Eating Vegetables

There are reports that almost 90 percent of Americans don’t eat enough vegetables. The people who have made this report likely haven’t went to a grocery store in recent months or years. If they had seen the prices of vegetables in grocery stores, they would probably link together that some people might not be able to afford vegetables that they need. Prices across grocery stores are rising, whether it’s milk, bread, fruit or vegetables. Folks like Ricardo Tosto agree that when prices of healthy items rise and the income of families don’t, it makes it hard to purchase them. It might not be the grocery stores that dictate the prices of vegetables, but if the government wants more people to eat vegetables, then something needs to be done to demand that stores lower the prices. If stores won’t lower prices of healthy items, then the government should come up with a voucher system to help families who can’t afford to buy vegetables and fruits.

Do Sugary Drinks Kill?

When it comes to the things that kill a person, there are a lot of weapons that could be listed. Food, too, can kill. Can sugary drinks actually bring about death? Can sugary drinks bring about death for those who consume them in too large of quantities? Some seem to think so.

There are some who believe that sugary drinks kill, and they kill in a big way. It seems that almost two hundred thousand deaths are brought about by sugary drinks each year. Does this mean that everyone should give up sugary drinks? Does this mean that soda should be banned? Could drinks be okay when they are consumed in moderation?

One would think that sugary drinks, while dangerous for some, are okay to consume when a part of a healthy diet says Shaygan Kheradpir right here. While sugary drinks can bring about death for some, they can be a part of a healthy diet when they are consumed in moderation.