Dherbs.com: An Amazing Resource for Natural Remedies

Pharmaceuticals are often met with skepticism; and rightly so! It’s hard to know exactly what we are using on our bodies and potential side effects can be worrisome. Dherbs.com offers a plethora of cleansers, oils, supplements and other natural remedies for everyone from kids to adults. It has a very nice website interface that is easy to navigate and filled with useful information. On every product page there are reviews left by people who have tried the product for themselves, making your choices easier to make. I am a big fan of hair care products and their Argan Oil with Lavender is a very highly rated and valuable product to have healthy looking hair, skin and nails. People always ask me what products I use in my hair, I only use Argan Oil! Another thing I like about the company is their social media presence.

I follow their Facebook page and Tumblr for all sorts of interesting posts. Their Facebook is a great way to get in touch with them and they always post cheerful posts like their “#MotivationOfTheDay” posts. Their Tumblr page, on the other hand, seems to be more focused on DIYs, cooking, health, and more. Personally, I prefer the Tumblr page because I love to learn about all the cool projects, dishes, and health tips I get from it! This is a company worth supporting and if you’re still reading, I’m sure I don’t need to explain why.


They offer an abundance of inexpensive and effective solutions for all aspects of life. If this wasn’t convincing enough as is, they were even featured on Steve Harvey’s show! Not only is it highly acclaimed all over the internet, it’s also got its spot in the limelight; prime-time television! So again, if you still need more convincing just poke around their website for a bit and I can assure you that you can find something for yourself or even a gift for a loved one. While you do that, I’ll be over here with my silky smooth hair.


The products



Some of the different products that you will come across include;



« The ten-day blood cleanse; this is a product that has been formulated to help in cleansing and rejuvenating the blood. Taking the blood cleanse for the ten days will help in maintaining the health of the liver and blood.



« The ten-day colon cleanse; this works in the same way as the blood cleanse only that it is meant for the colon.



« Detox water; it contains minerals and electrolytes that will help your body in eliminating the toxins.



« Full body cleanses



« The pancreatic cleanse



The cleansing products are the not the only products that you will find. You will get access to different items like bath soaps, essential oils, supplements, vitamins, and minerals.



Social media presence



  1. Dherbs.com has a Facebook page that they use to pass information about the different products. You will get access to different articles on how to use the products you buy and the benefits they provide.


The reviews



The different products have received great reviews from the different people who have used them. One of the success stories that you will come across is the story of Pastor Hosea Collins.

The pastor was invited to the Steve Harvey show, and he shared how the Dherbs.com cleanse helped to save him and his wife too. The Pastor had weighed almost 400 pounds before he started using the cleanse products. From the time he started using the cleansing products, Hosea had lost 130 pounds.



How did he save his wife? Well, by losing the weight, he becomes eligible to donate a kidney to his wife who was already on dialysis.   Dherbs.com has high profile reviews from EarthlyBodies.org as well as TrustPilot.com






You can easily become a distributor and a supplier for the company. Keep in mind that you will have to adhere to the requirements set. If you would become a distributor, you will have to contact the company directly.  Learn more about the corporate side of things from the Dherbs.com BBB page here:


Growing Businesses Recognized for Progress

In a recent PRN News article Status Labs was named one of the fastest growing Fortune 500 companies in its industry. They recently experienced a very successful fourth quarter and offers great numbers on NASDAQ for individuals interested in investing in their stocks. They are leading the industry in their field says PRN News. Status Labs has quickly grew their reputation through online reputation management. In fact, after a high profile incident with one of their staff members they protected they online reputation with their own business tools and parted ways with their employee with an amicable split.

What Is Status Labs

Status Labs is a well known online management company spearheaded by New York based President Darius Fisher. They protect and defend your online reputation with highly interactive PR services. They teach their clients how to properly engage with their following or customers to protect your business or brand. Your online reputation can be affected by comments, pictures, or past social media posts. Status Labs can permanently remove negative comments or reviews from the internet for a fraction of the cost of other online management companies. Status Labs has a reputation for working with high end celebrities and businesses, but they have a budget that will give a lot of people to utilize their services.

Darius Fisher believes that it is very important to build a strong team to cater to their clients and meet their online management needs. In fact, Status Labs is there for their clients in emergency situations to help or rebuild your online relationship. Many businesses and brands don’t understand the importance of protecting their online reputation based on what they say, post, or what others say about them. Your followers need to know that during difficult times and when your online reputation is being attacked that you still provide a service of excellency. You’re invited to Status Labs for more details and information on their program packages and services. Status Labs is there for you when you need them and is safe guarding your online reputation around the clock for your protection.

More information for Darius Fisher:


Highly Useful Retirement Help From The Midas Legacy

Retirement looms for all people. People today are living longer than ever before. As a result, they often need to spend more time planning for retirement and saving for it. Saving for retirement means paying close attention to all aspects of saving money and making that money last. This is something that those at The Midas Legacy understand and understand well. They know that people need to get as much help as possible in order to save money but also in order to learn how best to invest it at the same time. Working with them can be ideal for anyone who is approaching retirement soon and needs to consider many factors as they do so.

A Retirement Calculator

Many people today look at tools such as a retirement calculator. The retirement calculator is a tool that enables people to consider how much money they need to save in order to be able to retire. Those at The Midas Legacy know that it is one of many tools that those who are thinking about retirement can use. They know that such a tool needs to be considered along with other tools that can help give any saver a more detailed picture about their finances and their overall fiscal needs once they enter retirement.

Read more:
Real Estate Riches

Midas Legacy – About Us

Portfolio Diversity

Another factor that those at The Midas Legacy take into account when thinking about their needs is that of portfolio diversity. Such diversity allows the person to have many kinds of backups once they retire. A portfolio of investments in various kinds of stocks and bonds, as those at The Midas Legacy point out, is one that allows people to have a portfolio that is likely to retain value even if something should happen to the overall market. This helps the retiree retire in comfort not having to worry about the potential loss of their nest egg.

Overall Retirement Plans

In general, working with The Midas Legacy means working with professionals who can see the bigger picture in retirement plan. Many investors are aware of small pieces but may find it hard to put it all together. Insight and vision is helpful. This is where they can come in. They are professionals who can help pinpoint where a problem with the person’s finances may exist, impeding their chances of retiring in life. With their help, such potential gaps can be filled and, most importantly of all, fully overcome.

Organo Gold’s CEO Is Expanding The Company All Over The World

Bernardo Chua is the force behind the multimillion-dollar international company Organo Gold. Originally founded in 2008 in Vancouver British Columbia he started with just a few employees and had expanded his business to employs several thousands of independent distributors. Before starting his own business, he was employed by Gano Excel company located in the Philippines. He moved to California in 2003 to manage the Gano Excel US operations.

Bernardo Chua was originally from the Philippines where the Ganoderma lucidium grows. The Ganoderma lucidium is actually derived from a native mushroom that has long been held as a healing medicine and has claimed to cure everything from high blood pressure to gout.He had knowledge of its health and healing properties and knew that he could harness them in the form of teas and coffees. He has been internationally recognized for his achievements with his Organo Gold direct sales company including several People’s Choice awards for the best organic health drink. Organo Gold has had huge success and is continuing to grow. He uses the mushroom to make tea and coffee that customers all over the world are responding to with rave reviews.

Bernardo Chua was mentored by Leow Soon Seng and helped him establish the Gano Excel company in the Philippines in 1999. He used the experiences he had gained with the company to create his highly successful Organo Gold organic products company. It is now established in thirty-five countries and six continents. He has most recently expanded to Singapore and has prospects for Turkey.

Beauty Blogger Chooses WEN and Watches Fine Thin Hair Go Hollywood

Beauty writer Emily McClure enjoys trying a bunch of hair, makeup and skin care products, because that’s her job. She’s like the rest of us cursed with certain beauty challenges, and in her case, it’s fine, thin, do nothing hair.

Emily wanted that A-list hair she sees on celebrities, especially the ones who have starred in those famous TV infomercials by WEN. So, she decided to give WEN by Chaz a 7-day test run, complete with a daily hair diary and hair selfies for Bustle.com.

WEN hair by Chaz was developed by a star stylist with a wonderful reputation in the business. Chaz Dean has a loyal client base on the west coast who love using his special line of healthy, no lather shampoos. These Sephora sold botanical formulas nourish the strands and provide protection and vitality to every hair type out there. His formulas cleanse, condition, entangle and care for hair without the nasty chemicals found in store bought shampoos and conditioners. His line is so luxurious and effective, that Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself nor his celebrity clientele since 1993.

Emily Bustle decided on a daily AM Wen hair wash in the shower. She used less than the amount suggested for her medium length locks but still enjoyed beautiful results emerging from her cleanse. Emily followed with blow-drying and then styling her mane and discovered new shine, body and hair that remained styled all day long. Read http://www.wen.com/before-after.html for more details.

The selfies she posted for her readers were lovely, depicting a young woman with Hollywood-worthy hair. Even Emily’s close gal pals noticed the super shine and softness,

Emily suggests staying on a daily WEN wash for superior results and making time to blow-dry and style your hair. The extra effort will yield gorgeous, healthy hair with major gloss and body. Need Wen hair? Order a bottle on Amazon today!


How To Select A Reliable Advertising Firm

Are you researching advertising agencies or marketing consultants? Want to hire a well established advertising agency that focuses on PPC advertising? If you are a small or medium-sized business looking to get into the PPC advertising arena, consider White Shark Media – a top rated company in the industry.

With PPC advertising, each time someone clicks on your ad, you will be charged. The cost per click is determined by how much you are willing to pay. Keep in mind, certain keywords will work better.

PPC advertising is a delicate advertising process that requires great expertise in a search engine bidding. It offers a system where businesses and advertisers can promote their products and services, by running pay for each click ad campaigns. The goal of pay per click, or PPC, is to attract quality prospects and convert them into customers. With PPC advertising system, you want to make sure you only pay for clicks that lead to sales or a boost in revenue.

White Shark Media is a highly reputable firm in the advertising field, with a team of top notch professionals. The company is well known for providing outstanding advertyising solutions and has great expertise in Adwords PPC. Clients all over the world rave about the high quality service and fabulous results they receive by signing up with White Shark Media.

Keywords drive pay per click advertising process. When you bid for keywords related to your niche or product, it is important to create attention-getting headline and description for your offer. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia

You also want to have a well-designed and appropriate landing page with all the features that ensure a successful campaign. All of these will contribute to making your ad campaign a success.

White Shark Media Review Video:

That White Shark Media Review video shows that the team at White Shark Media can work you step by step through the setup and management of your ad campaign. And if you want them to handle your campaign management for you, they are always ready and available to provide the service to you.

They manage ad campaigns for clients from a wide variety of industries, so no matter what your industry or niche you can rest assured that they have the skills to meet your needs.

To learn more about White Shark Media and the various ways that they can help you achieve success with your advertising campaign, get in touch with them through their website.

Mike Baur Is There For Expert Advice

Early help in any industry is very important. Any potential business owner can vastly benefit from skilled help from someone who truly knows the ropes. The right help can provide the kind of assistance that a potential entrepreneur can use to fully see a basic idea transformed from a concept to functional company. Many people have ideas. They also have ideas about being able to turn such ideas into a business they can use to help support themselves. Doing so can be a dream come true for the right person. This is where someone like Mike Baur can be of enormous help. He has an extensive background in the field of finance.

The Swiss Banking Industry

Baur is a Swiss national. As a native of this region, he knows that Switzerland is a world headquarters for financial matters. Many banks have chosen to locate here, allowing anyone in search of financing for a project to find it here. Baur has spent over two decades as a highly respected member of the Swiss banking community, enabling him to offer a unique perspective about this industry. He knows that the banking industry here is often quite welcoming to those in search of help for a specific business project of any kind.

The Start Up Factory Project

In order to offer the kind of ideal mentoring so necessary for anyone to understand the entire industry, Baur has begun his Start Up Factory. This organization is his to help guide his fellow business people through all aspects of starting a business in every way. He knows that the very idea of starting a business of any kind can be intimidating and yet exciting at the same time. This is why he aims to offer help that is insightful and ideal for anyone who longs to be part of the world’s entrepreneurial family.

Working With Young People

One of his particular pet projects is the desire to work with young people in this field. He aims to offer help for them in order to help them get a taste of the world of business and finance. In doing so, he hopes to help nurture a new generation of business people in the field who are confident they can face any challenges in this area and move forward with their ideas. His company already has a long track record in the field and many happy clients.

Adam Goldenberg Leads His Company Forward Into The Next Century

Capturing the direction of a given industry is not easy. This is true for many industries. It is particularly true of the fashion world. The world of fashion is one in which it it is necessary to listen to the needs of consumers and also to help all customers figure out what is best for them at the same time. The CEO of one of the nation’s leading fashion retailers, Adam Goldenberg, understands this process very well. He knows that it is imperative to be there for help provide assistance for customers who are looking for that perfect look. Adam Goldenberg also knows that it is also important to be there and show them new things they might not have seen before. This is the guiding principle behind his leadership of his company.

Bringing The World Forward

In taking charge of JustFab, Goldenberg has made it his aim to be there for his customers. He knows full well that his clients look to the company to help them plan an outfit that is just right for their needs and helps them look just fabulous as promised. He’s there for all those who wish to go online and find what they need right here on the company’s website. His motivation is very much about helping his customers find looks here that he knows will be right for their needs.

Vision And Insights

Vision is an essential quality when it comes to leadership of any company. Adam Goldenberg has brought his own vision of company leadership to JustFab. He has shown that any customer can find a whole look from head to toe that is all about her needs. He also knows that it is vital to stay current when e-commerce sites are always changing and always evolving. His steady leadership role has been crucial in helping offer assistance for customers who look to the company for their needs.

Staying Relevant

Above all, Goldenberg aims to help his company stay relevant. Staying relevant for Goldenberg is about designing and manufacturing all of the products on the site on vator.tv. This helps the company ensure that all items sold there are the highest quality possible. Quality control is an important aspect of retailing for all those at JustFab. Goldenberg always aim to promote a culture of devotion to quality. With this aim, he knows that he can help the company stay on top and continue moving forward. See: http://www.crosscut.vc/adam-goldenberg

Andy Wirth Discusses the Drought

Andy Wirth is a passionate individual who has has a love for both nature as well as business for his entire life. Andy Wirth is many things that include a philanthropist, entrepreneur, businessman, as well as a lover of the outdoors.

As an individual with a passion for both business as well as for the outdoors, he has always known that he has wanted to combine business with his love for nature.

His skills with business in addition to his love for nature eventually earned him the position as both the CEO and well as the President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

In this position, Andy Wirth has been able to not only combine what he loves to do, but also help find new and innovative ways to decrease the overall environmental footprint that the resort has. Andy Wirth is on a mission to make this resort and internationally recognized resort.

Andy Wirth brings over 25 years of experience to this family owned business. The famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort was originally in the hands of the Cushing family for over 70 years and was passed down after each generation.

The resort gained global recognition in 1960 when the resort was the host of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Ever since then, though the resort has remained popular, the number of visitors had been faltering. The resort did not start picking up speed again until Andy Wirth became the leader and new innovator for the company.

Ever since his new appointment, the resort has not only seen more visitors, but has also seen a vast improvement in the quality of the ski slopes.  Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=36030954&privcapId=7911768

Though Andy Wirth is a successful businessman, he is currently in a faltering industry due to the drought that has been devastating to the West Coast.

In recent news, the KCRW radio station was interested to talk about this topic with Andy Wirth to not only hear about his expertise on the subject, but also listen to his future plans for his company. During this interview, Andy Wirth was able to provide insightful information on what he expects for his resort within the next decade.

Despite Andy Wirth’s business being a part of a faltering industry, Andy Wirth actually stated that he is excited for the future of his company. Though the industry many be going downhill, Andy Wirth also adds that his business has been seeing more revenue and more customers than ever. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

This is a result of Andy Wirth’s innovative ideas as well as his investments that have been made to continue growing the business. When KCRW asked as to how many winters his company could last, Andy Wirth responded excitedly by stating that his resort could last an infinite amount of winters.

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Business Reputation

A business owner already knows how important it is to maintain a great and positive reputation with its customers. But, this is no easy feat. When people are dissatisfied with a product or service, they tend to share their experiences with others. Nowadays, this has become much easier because of a little thing we call the Internet. With social media and review websites it’s easy to share your thoughts about a business and many rely on those reviews before they will even consider using the product or service offered by them. In a recent article, some pointers were discussed on how to deal with bad press or negative reviews that are taking a toll on your business and how to move on from it.

Every company hits curve balls and bad press is typically one that every business has to deal with at one point or another. If you find yourself in this predicament, what you should first do is keep quiet about he matter. Going at it with a customer in an Internet communication will result in people respecting you less, so it is just not worth it. Be sure to keep all of your services still available to the public. No need to close shop over a little negativity. You could also offer a special or type of incentive to engage new customers and give back a little to your already loyal ones. Rely on friends and family for a bit of support if you need it. And don’t forget- you started this business to serve a purpose so don’t let this get you down.

If your predicament isn’t allowing you to move forward, you can always contact searchcleanup.com. They are known for getting rid of bad press and reviews associated with your business. By doing so, now when a potential client looks you up, they will find positive reads about you. This will help you attract more customers. Searchcleanup.com can help you clean up negative news and move on from your rut and keep your reputation solid- the way it always was!