Adam Goldenberg Leads His Company Forward Into The Next Century

Capturing the direction of a given industry is not easy. This is true for many industries. It is particularly true of the fashion world. The world of fashion is one in which it it is necessary to listen to the needs of consumers and also to help all customers figure out what is best for them at the same time. The CEO of one of the nation’s leading fashion retailers, Adam Goldenberg, understands this process very well. He knows that it is imperative to be there for help provide assistance for customers who are looking for that perfect look. Adam Goldenberg also knows that it is also important to be there and show them new things they might not have seen before. This is the guiding principle behind his leadership of his company.

Bringing The World Forward

In taking charge of JustFab, Goldenberg has made it his aim to be there for his customers. He knows full well that his clients look to the company to help them plan an outfit that is just right for their needs and helps them look just fabulous as promised. He’s there for all those who wish to go online and find what they need right here on the company’s website. His motivation is very much about helping his customers find looks here that he knows will be right for their needs.

Vision And Insights

Vision is an essential quality when it comes to leadership of any company. Adam Goldenberg has brought his own vision of company leadership to JustFab. He has shown that any customer can find a whole look from head to toe that is all about her needs. He also knows that it is vital to stay current when e-commerce sites are always changing and always evolving. His steady leadership role has been crucial in helping offer assistance for customers who look to the company for their needs.

Staying Relevant

Above all, Goldenberg aims to help his company stay relevant. Staying relevant for Goldenberg is about designing and manufacturing all of the products on the site on vator.tv. This helps the company ensure that all items sold there are the highest quality possible. Quality control is an important aspect of retailing for all those at JustFab. Goldenberg always aim to promote a culture of devotion to quality. With this aim, he knows that he can help the company stay on top and continue moving forward. See: http://www.crosscut.vc/adam-goldenberg

The Next Generation

If you’ve looked anywhere else beside your local neighborhood and for the right banking, then you’ve strayed too far. Being satisfied with your banking service begins with first finding the right bank. To do that, you do some research. And before that, you come to a conclusion of what it is you’re after.

Take NexBank as an example. Not only is it a local Dallas, Texas bank, the diversity of its services means that you can get just about everything you need in banking. Just be sure to condense your needs to what’s most appropriate. This includes your budget, your experience in finance and what your financial goals are above all else.

You might now be asking yourself why. The answer has to do with the variety that’s found in NexBank. From commercial, residential to individual assets, this agency is in the right position to manage it all. But if you’re also looking for something simple, then finding a local branch would serve you best. And it’s clear as to why.

From one city to another, laws, needs and civil life are different. What works in finance for one region won’t work well in another. So it’s in your best interest to consider how accommodating a local bank can be for you. This is true for the Dallas, Texas surroundings. And it’s not our pride which makes it so. It’s that we’re unique.

You cannot expect a bank headquartered in New York City to understand the little things that occur in the Dallas region. And for this reason, NexBank stands firm as an option everyone can love. From advisory services to preparations for retirement, what you find at NexBank is the right adjustment for you and as a Dallas resident.

You don’t have to search far, and you won’t be treated the way large banks treat their customers. Here, at NexBank, there’s a next generation of services you have indefinitely.

The OCC Rowing Team Set Out To Be The Giant Killers And Claim Their 12th National Victory

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and is now one of the largest community colleges in the nation. The campus is located in Costa Mesa, California and spans 164 acres. More than 25,000 students enroll for courses every semester.

Orange Coast College has a wide range of academic programs, over 135 to be exact. Most notable are the public nautical programs. The success of the public nautical programs and all of the other career programs offered at OCC can be attributed to their advanced academic programs and offering the latest and greatest in technology.

The David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center, in Newport Harbor is the OCC boathouse. There are several red and white national title flags on the walls with photographs of the rowing teams and their past glories. The college is on its 11th national title so far. There have been 10 OCC students on the rowing team go on to compete on the international level at the Olympics and other world championships. Learn more about Orange Cost College: http://orangecoastcollege.edu/enrollment/admissions/Pages/default.aspx and http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/about_occ/Pages/default.aspx

Orange Coast College is contributing some great talent to the rowing community. Many of the students on the legendary rowing team have never rowed a day in their lives. Taking a complete novice and turning them into a champion is truly commendable, and a real source of pride for the hard working coaches.

Steve Morris is the assistant coach for the men’s rowing team. He was the head coach for the majority of the 1990s, but his family and day job took president. Morris loves rowing. It’s within him; connecting his body and mind to his soul.

Starting in August each year, Morris makes the drive from Rancho Santa Margarita to Newport Harbor. Practice is 6 days a week, and starts promptly at 6:30am. Morris loves every minute of it.

Daniel Amado is the captain of the novice rowing team. He graduated from Los Alamitos High School where he rowed before he damaged the disk in hist back.

He was finally able to return to rowing this year. He has big plans for his future in rowing. Amado hopes to compete on the university level in the next few years.

Thursday, May 25th marks the date the OCC rowing team sets out for the Nationals at Lake Lanier, Georgia to claim their 12 victory.

Read more:

Orange Coast College | Twitter

Troy MacQuagge- A Global Frontier

Troy is a Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. Troy MacQuagge is a recipient of the Gold Award, and he received the recognition at the Prestigious One Planet event. This award honors enterprise and professional distinction around the globe. All organizations in their capacity as big or small, profit or non-profitable, public or private are expected to submit nomination requests for the award.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance firm located in Ft. Worth Texas with a goal of offering innovative health covers for self-employed persons and startup businesses. Mr. Troy joined the USHEALTH Group in 2010 where he instantaneously rebuilt the captive distribution agency, that is the USHEALTH Advisors, and the move saw him become the President and The Chief Executive Officer In 2014. Since then, the company has become a tremendous success and has grown exponentially within the individual insurance health market.

The company aims at combining the talents of its employees and agents to offer competitive insurance products in health care that are both affordable and reliable. Mr. Troy is one of the biggest motivational icons to the employees of the company. After receiving the One Planet Award in 2016, in a humility fashion, he acknowledged the great team effort of the company in bagging the award in his acceptance speech. The employees of USHEALTH received accolades for their innovation and collective responsibility in driving the company’s agenda of delivering quality and affordable health care products to its clientele.

Troy MacQuagge career began 1983 as an agent at Allstate Insurance Company before he moved to Health Markets Agency Marketing Group in 1995 which was then known as UICI where he was employed to work at the student insurance division. After two years, he was appointed the president of the company, a position he served until 2006 when the enterprise was sold to private investors. The private investors retained him as the president until 2007 to foresee the smooth transition to the firm’s new leadership. Troy has over 30years of experience in the insurance industry and has been of great help while portraying great leadership qualities over his experience.

Apart from being one among the best Chief Executive Officers in the field, Troy is an active participant in several charitable causes. His support for children as well as his involvement in humanitarian efforts and human rights advocating is evident in the philanthropic world. He has volunteered at The Phoenix of New Orleans and currently volunteers at the Trinity Habitat for Humanity. His leadership qualities have seen him win various awards including Goldie Steve Award in 2007, Silver Stevie Award in 2012, American Business Award in 2013, Stevie Award for the best sales team and the CEO of the year award 2016.

HDIT/HCT – the Best Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Disease

The HALT-MS study was conducted by the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN). During the study, patients were given a high dose of immunosuppressive therapy which was followed by transplanting a person’s blood-forming stem cells. This induced sustained remission of multiple sclerosis disease (MS).


Twenty four trial volunteers were given high-dose immunosuppressive therapy together with autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT) for five years. The volunteers were aged 26 to 52 years. After this treatment, 69% of those that tried survived without progressed disability or new brain lesions. Current MS drugs are not successful. The findings of this study were published in the Journal of Neurology which is an American journal in medicine.


The research findings revealed that treating MS with HDIT/HCT at once was more effective than treating it with best medication for people with one type of MS. From the results a large randomized trial to compare HDIT/HCT with standard care could be developed.


MS is an autoimmune disease whereby the central nervous system is affected by the immune system. The symptoms of MS are: speech difficulties, fatigue, weakness and chronic pain. Relapsing-remitting MS is the most common type of MS which is characterized by relapses.


The high-dose immunosuppressive therapy suppresses the active disease and prevents further disability by removing disease causing cells. If further confirmed, the HDIT/HCT can be a potential therapy for MS patients.


About Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta

Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a neurologist and a surgeon who has over 40 years of experience. Further, Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a graduate of the Government Medical College in Nagpur. He also studied Residency and Neurology at Tufts Medical Center and Boston University Medical Center. Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta specializes in psychiatry. He currently works at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. He is also associated with the Kennedy Health System Cherry.


Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishta is bilingual, working both in English and Spanish. He works from Voorhes, New Jersey. He accepts multiple insurance plans to treat his patients. He treats disorders of spinal cord, brain, muscles, lungs, nervous system and other organs.

Susan McGalla is a leader for successful businesswomen

Women are making their mark on the business front, more than ever. Even with all these positive changes, there is still a long way to go when it comes to equality in the workplace. It is proven that companies that have gender diversity and ethnic diversity outperform companies that do not. With these findings it is surprising that companies do not take note and start hiring women and people from different backgrounds.


Susan McGalla has been an inspiration for many woman because she has climbed the ranks of many big companies and paved the way for other women to do just that. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


There are endless initiatives and networks for women. They are able to support and share their ideas. They even help plan and strategize their business ideas. On top of that, they are able to make connections with other women in the same industry, so why is it not working? Executive women leaders need to sponsor women just starting their businesses or women who want to work at a large firm. They need to guide them and help them reach their potential.


Susan McGalla grew up with two brothers and a football coach father in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was not treated differently because she was a girl and was taught to work hard for what she wanted. This served Susan very well and has made a name for herself as a powerful and successful businessperson.


She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC. They consult clients on marketing, talent management, operational efficiencies, branding, and much more. She was previously the President at American Eagle Outfitters and the Chief Executive Officer at Wet Seal Inc. Susan McGalla received a Bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College in business and marketing.


Don’t Dismiss European ETFs Just Yet, Says Brian Bonar

The election of Emmanuel Macron is this most recent French election has many American investors moving on from European ETFs. Not so fast, says Brian Bonar. Bonar believes that the Parliamentary elections later this June will provide further insight into the current trajectory of France as well as Europe at large. He is also eagerly anticipating the German elections and at this time, does not expect any surprises from that result.

Brian Bonar, the Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer at Trucept Inc. has been closely following the European markets for many years. He believes that France has rejected the divisive and economically ill-advised policies of Le Pen and are backing Marcon as they believe he will return a sense of unity to the nation.

The elections were interpreted by many as more of a rejection of the far-right policies held by Le Pen than as support for Macron. In fact, it will be very informative who Macron appoints as his prime minister and also to see how the populace votes in the very important parliamentary elections.

These political events will provide investment opportunities to those savvy enough to realize that the election of Macron is only the beginning of the governmental changes to occur this year. It is important to remember when observing political events outside of the United States that the Parliament representatives and their coalitions can be just as, or even more, important than the person holding the Presidential office.

The euro currently trails the dollar but that may change, or at least tighten if Macron’s economic policy changes come about as expected. This provides a growth opportunity for investors, and European ETFs are still on an upward trajectory according to Bonar.

ETFs provide a relatively low-risk investment option that can help one enter the foreign markets in a more manageable way. Mr. Bonar believes that these slower growth rates are still attractive as Europe has not yet completely bounced back from its lows due to the market woes of 2009.

If you have a healthy appetite for risk, or are younger and have a longer investment horizon, Bonar suggests jumping into investing with single socks, especially in the French market. The eight-year projection of growth in France and the greater European markets is leaning toward rates that will surpass the United States markets.

It is through keeping fully abreast of the day’s current international news from his base in San Diego, CA Brian Bonar is able to provide valuable insight into how today’s political and international news can affect investment opportunities in the United States. The depth and breadth of Bonar’s career have given him a vast experience that he is more than happy to share with others.

The Ways In Which Goettl Goes Beyond Air Conditioning Repair

Goettl Air Conditioning has become one of the most highly-recommended heating and cooling repairs company in the nation. Whenever customers in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas experience uncomfortable temperatures in their home, Goettl’s service trucks come to their homes promptly. But Goettl isn’t just concerned about repairing HVAC units. They also want to make sure they need as few repairs as possible.

Goettl’s CEO Ken Goodrich says customers can cut down on costs by having routine maintenance checks on their air conditioners, especially before the summer months become extremely hot. The filters and coils should be checked and changed regularly, and the system should be checked for air quality. Goettl recommends homes be insulated with thick insulation materials and the windows given films to keep sunlight from radiating too much heat into the home. The units should also be placed in shady areas outdoors.

Goettl also gives back to the community by repairing air conditioners and heaters even when some customers can’t afford it. This last year they visited the home of an elderly Las Vegas man who was physically disabled and had an old cooling system that broke down. With their partner company The Sunny Plumber, they completely replaced the unit and made sure his home was comfortable again. They also repaired a furnace and installed zone-controlled heating in the home of a Las Vegas family this last Christmas.

Goettl’s values of superb customer service and doing good in their community came from Adam and Gust Goettl who started this reputation when they started repairing HVAC systems at large commercial facilities and later residences. Their company became one of the Phoenix area’s finest HVAC contractors, though they did have their setbacks in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was Ken Goodrich who returned the company to the Goettl tradition by buying it and bringing back family values and philanthropy.


The Spreading Fame of Yanni Hufnagel as the Deputy Coach for Harvard University Basketball Team

The fame and reputation of Yanni Hufnagel as an accomplished assistant coach for the Nevada male side will soon spread like wild forest fire. Although he is not an academician or learned scholar, the name of Yanni Hufnagel will soon be a household item in the highest academic learning institutions, particularly the universities in the US. He is set to become a great coach because he will soon be the youngest person to have the privilege of coaching a college team. In a nation where sports are held in high esteem, the opportunity to train the hottest team will be considered an individual honor. He is still in his 30s and being a Jew; he comes from a community that is famous for other achievements other than basketball.


Yanni Hufnagel grew up in Scarsdale and studied for his elementary education in the local schools before he scored high marks that earned him a place in the University of Cornell. He loves sports immensely, and so it only took a short time for the coaches to notice his exceptional playing abilities. He became a central player in the university group. The time he spent as a player for the Cornell side prepared him for his next role as a team promoter. The coaching skills and playing talents Yanni Hufnagel demonstrated made him a favorite coach/player for well-established teams. Just last year he was invited to be the assistant coach of Harvard after he successfully steered the team to win the Ivy League only after spending four seasons with them. The Association of Jewish Coaches is very impressed with the emergence of such an experienced player and coach in their ranks. Yanni Hufnagel has had a long and exciting career with many prestigious university sides as both a coach and player. For the Wolf Pack from Nevada, he was the assistant coach.

The Benefits of Beneful Puppy Food

The team at Beneful knows exactly what to give your growing puppy. To transition to Beneful Healthy Puppy food, the team advises to do it in increments over 7-10 days. When your puppy is weaning off of the mother’s milk, your canine cutie needs Beneful Healthy Puppy food. If your puppy is having trouble chewing the dry food, consider using the wet food instead. At ages six months to one year, your puppy will be eating Beneful Healthy Puppy dry food happily and regularly throughout the day! At one-year-old, your puppy needs to make the transition to the adult food. Beneful has adult food that comes in several flavors, including chicken, beef, and salmon.

Beneful Healthy Puppy food is made from quality vegetables and farm raised meat ingredients to make sure your puppy is active and healthy while growing. The puppy food ingredients include DHA, to help brain and vision development. The food is also free of gluten, wheat and corn to ensure easy digestion. The team at Beneful studies the ingredients from farm to bowl. You can rest easy knowing your puppy is healthy with Beneful Healthy Puppy food! To know more click here.

For coupons visit: https://www.beneful.com/coupons/

Adaptive Advertisement by José Borghi

Jose Borghi originates in Brazil. He has over 25 years of experience in the advertising field. Jose has a global reputation for expertise in business promotion. Furthermore, he has impressive skills in developing cost-effective advertisement strategies. Jose together with his colleague Mullen Lowe, have been instrumental to several firms mainly in creating catchy ads.

Jose is professionally a marketer. He graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. While still a young man, Jose developed much enthusiasm in the field of advertising and he attended several advertising events. After attaining his degree, Jose pursued his passion as a marketer with determination.

As a matter of fact, Jose has earned a fortune of awards from his creativity in the industry. Early in his career at Standard Ogilvy, Jose proved competent and stood out in his line of work. This legacy enabled him to work with popular agencies including Talent, Leo Burnett, DM9DDB, and FCB.

For the record, starting 1994, Jose developed a number of campaigns while working at DM9DDB agency. One of his famous campaigns was Carlinhos. This campaign sought to end prejudice against Downs Syndrome. Jose also held other campaigns such as INBEV and Itau. He became the chief creative officer at Leo Burnett in 1999, and Chief Executive Officer in 2001.

Jose founded BorghiErh agency in 2002. BorghiErh merged with Global Network Lowe and its partners. Under Jose’s leadership as Chief Creative Officer, the joint company was later named Borghi Lowe in 2012. Following this tremendous success, Jose became the co-CEO of Borghi Lowe. Likewise, Jose Borghi has effectively used the latest technology in a bid to further his career. For instance, he has built a fascinating reputation in Instagram among other image-based media platforms. Together with his co-partner Mullen Lowe, Jose has explicitly taken advantage of the new possibilities presented on social media.