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When Securus Technologies is involved, they get the job done. They are the leader in the public safety industry. Since they create new technologies on a weekly basis, they are sought after by many companies and correction facilities across the country. Their latest contribution to the safety sector is the Video Visitations.


Video Visitations are used in the correction facilities to initiate correspondence with the inmates and their loved ones. On the videos, they can hear and see their loved ones so that they can communicate with them. The correction facilities say that the technology has helped immensely with keeping the public safe, and they are very grateful to the company for creating it.


Securus Technologies is well known across the world for their expertise in the field. They can do things that other companies cannot, and they are adept in the civil and criminal ends of the justice system. The government uses them on a continual basis in their correction facilities. Since the company deals with over a million prisoners, they are able to use techniques that instill the public’s safety on a daily basis. The company wants to make the world a safer place for everyone, and it is definitely happening. They will continue to lead the public safety industry well into the future.


Bruce Levenson Fighting For His Insurance Coverage

New Hampshire Insurance Company has been sued by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment LLC (AHBE) for breach of contract. This lawsuit is as a result of the settlement claims that had been made by Danny Ferry who was the former general manager. The lawsuit was filed on 13th September 2016 in the Superior Court of Fulton County. AHBE claims that it was under coverage for losses in regards to employment practices but not limited to “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful termination.”

A six-year relationship worth $18 million came to an end after a buyout agreement was reached on June 22, 2015, between Ferry and Hawks. The sale was finally made to the Ressler-led group two days after. The current owners of the Hawks’ spokesman assured that they were aware of the complaint, but the principal owners do not have ties to the Atlanta Hawks.

The amount of the claim remains confidential hence they are enough to play along to the claim of AHBE. According to the lawsuit, the insurance company, AIG, did not acknowledge the claim as it was made and refused to participate in the defense or accept the coverage during talks between Ferry’s counsel and the Hawks. The insurance refused to pay losses in the settlement.

Bruce Levenson was among the former owners of Atlanta Hawks Basketball team as well as the Philips Arena. The banker in charge of the sale convinced Bruce that he could get about $1 billion for them. However, the team and arena only managed to fetch $730 million and was sold to Tony Resler who won the bid.

Bruce Levenson is an American philanthropist, businessman, and former NBA team owner. According to ESPN, he was one of the owners of Atlanta Hawks LLC which not only owns but also runs the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Philips Arena. Mr. Levenson has been on the NBA Board of Governors since 2004. In 1977, Mr. Levenson co-founded United Communication Group (UCG). He is currently on the Board of Directors at TechTarget which is an IT company.

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Leading Dallas bank increases notes to over $150 million

NexBank Capital, Inc., based in Dallas, US recently announced the completion of an oversubscribed private placement of its senior unsecured notes. The bank has the full intentions of using the proceeds in order to repay any indebtedness as well as for general corporate needs. Placement agent for the notes was the company Sandler O’Neill & Partners. Another recent announcement made by NexBank Capital, Inc., was that they have reached levels higher than ever in consolidated earnings, loans, assets, and deposits. There has been a growth rate of more than 70% in most of those aspects which is quite impressive.

NexBank SSB is a leader in its region and is a valuable contributor to the growth of NexBank Capital, Inc. In fact, NexBank SSB is one of the biggest contributors. At the end of 3016 the risk percentage of the bank was less than 15 percent. The senior unsecured notes have not been registered under the Securities Act. It was made known that they can be neither sold nor offered in the United States of America absent registration.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is the name of a financial service company that offers its clients a number of different service options. The three different business offers NexBank Capital, Inc. provides are Commercial banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services. The company provides clients with the possibility to customize their provided banking and financial services. The main demographic of clients NexBank Capital, Inc. are catering to primarily consists of different larger institutions, for example nationwide corporations. The bank is led by a team of highly skilled leaders. The Chairman of the bank is Mr. James Dondero. Mr. Dondero is Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. as well. The NexBank Capital, Inc. operates internationally and has been recognized as one of the leaders of the banking world.

How Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars are Rapidly Embracing Kabbalah as a Spiritual Faith

Madonna is the first Hollywood star who joined the Kabbalah center with the aim of attaining spiritual nourishment and growth. Other celebrities, such as Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton, have also been interested in Jewish mysticism after Madonna became a follower of the spiritual group. These stars were drawn by Madonna’s initiatives to open several Kabbalah centers and her passion for studying ancient Jewish tradition.

When the Los Angeles Times interviewed Sandra Bernhard, she said that Kabbalah had assisted her in eliminating chaos in her personal life. Paris Hilton also spoke to Great Britain’s More Magazine regarding how she is fairing on after breaking up with her spouse. In the interview, she cited the Kabbalistic teachings as one of the things that helped her in handling with the break-up. Paris had started attending a Kabbalah Center situated in Los Angeles.

Time Magazine interviewed the late Sammy Davis regarding his reasons for being a follower of Kabbalah. Davis said that he was passionate about joining a 5,000-year-old knowledge foundation. His focus was getting inner strength by being tied to Judaism. Davis also believed that his African history could not be compared to Judaism. However, he could relate to the obstacles and oppression that people of Judaism faced in the ancient times. Davis wanted to join the Kabbalah Center because he believes that Judaism is based on spiritual peace and honesty.

About the Kabbalah Center

With its headquarters in Los Angeles and branches across the globe, the Kabbalah Center focuses on fostering spiritual nourishment. Rav Philip Berg is acknowledged as the founding father of this institution. Michael and Karen Berg continued with Philip’s work after he died. Kabbalah can be defined as an ancient knowledge foundation with practical tools for facilitating fulfillment and joy in life.

The Kabbalah Center’s website cites that this knowledge can change people’s perspective towards worldly things. Michael and Karen serve as teachers of Kabbalah. According to the Chabad, Torah’s soul teaches that those who seek Kabbalistic teachings get deep insights on the purpose of creation and God’s interaction with the universe.

Maggie Gill is a health systems management Genius

Maggie Gill is the CEO and chair of Memorial University Medical Centre (Memorial Health), a health institution that was established in 1955 in Savannah, U.S. Gill acquired her first degree at the Florida State University. She also has an advanced degree in business administration from Saint Leo University. Gill later enrolled for a professional course in strategic thinking and management at the prestigious Wharton School.

Maggie Gill’s career history

Gill began her career as the CFO of Tenet South Florida Health System. As the finance controller at Tenet, she was able to infiltrate the health system and work in collaboration with North Shore Medical Centre, Palmetto General Hospital, and Coral Gables Hospital. Gill was recognized as the best chief finance officer for three consecutive years. In 2004, she joined Memorial University Medical Centre as the head of finance. A year later, she became the COO. In 2011, Gill was appointed as chair and chief executive of Memorial Health. She also served as a member of the board of directors of the hospital.

As the CEO of the medical facility, she is in charge of managing all senior officers, such as physician leaders, senior, and junior vice presidents. Gill also oversees orthopedic & neuroscience programs, Memorial Health University Physicians, perioperative services, the Trauma Division, and the Heart & Vascular Institute. Gill also manages matters revolving around government relations, financial assistance, internal audits, facilities management, and corporate communications.

Gill launches an initiative to curb losses

In light of the challenges that the healthcare system faces, Maggie Gill has launched an initiative called “Pathways to Excellence.” Premier Inc. supports this initiative, which is expected to yield tangible results within the next 18 months. According to Gill and Memorial Health board members, this plan will supplement what the hospital makes. Memorial Health is the only facility in Georgia that does not receive special funding from any organization. Additionally, it serves the most patients in the region. Therefore, “Pathways to Excellence” will help to prevent the health facility from going bankrupt. It will also improve the provision of health services. According to Gill, this assistance will maintain the facility’s image.

The Astonishing Rise of Fabletics: Attributed to Don Ressler

It’s widely known that trying to succeed in the fashion industry is one of the hardest things an entrepreneur could try to do. Fashion is something that many people spend years of their lives studying only to end up falling short of success. So what makes a fashion company successful?

Kate Hudson found a way to succeed her way. Her activewear brand, Fabletics, has quickly become one of the most successful fashion brands in the world. Kate Hudson was already quite the success in her own right. She’s one of the most popular Hollywood movie stars at, a bestselling author, a fashion icon, and a modern mom.

Earlier this year, Kate Hudson added another accomplishment to her name: global fashion entrepreneur. Fabletics, founded only three years ago, has experienced growth and success like no other company. Fabletics operates on an international level on and employees thousands of workers. The membership-based company also has over 1 million VIP members.

Kate Hudson admitted that she’s lived in activewear her entire life. She’s a very health-focused individual who loves staying active. The one problem she had with previous activewear sellers were the expensive price tags on She wanted to create a place that could offer fitness and fashion at affordable prices.

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Within Fabletics’ second year, it was seeing triple-digit growth. Fabletics received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. When the company was first launched, it was exclusively online. In light of recent success, Fabletics has begun opening physical stores. To date, Fabletics has nearly 20 physical stores and plans on opening additional sites with the next five years.

Don Ressler, co-founder of TechStyle, is also a fitness enthusiast. Along with his wife, Ginger, he also wanted there to be an activewear company that sold fashionable, affordable apparel. Ever since he and his wife were in college, they’d shop around for activewear that was fashion-forward. One neglected market was affordable activewear for women. Men looking for activewear usually don’t have to look that hard and the prices are fair.

Women tend to get the expensive stick when it comes to fashion. After starting some beauty and fitness companies, Don Ressler and his business partner, Adam Goldenberg, were soon in the fashion industry. Don realized that there was huge potential for any company that could come up with comfortable, everyday clothes that looked good and were cheap.