2016 the Year of Massive Growth for Osi Industries

OSI Industries is an organization which has made a name for itself for its success in supplying of quality and value added food products with protein items making it the leading foodservice provider organization internationally.

OSI industries boasts more than 60 years of service in the foodservice industry and has branches in 16 countries globally, the organization’s headquarters are based in Aurora, Illinois, USA.

OSI Group recently received an award from Globe of honor for which one only participates if they have achieved 5 stars in the British safety council’s environmental management Audit. OSI group was able to compete and won amongst other 18 companies who also received the award for demonstrating excellent environment management practices. This award was achieved on 25, November 2016.

OSI Group believes that through a dedicated workforce an organization is able to achieve success and they strive to create a challenging and motivating environment while also rewarding their employees for hard work and great achievement of their company. OSI is a company which believes in providing equal opportunities for all employees who are qualified to do a certain task and strives to enact this without bias based on age, race, nationality of origin, disability status, sex and other factors rather strives to be impartial.

OSI Group acquired Baho Food in August 2016, a Dutch company which distributes meat products and other food items. The company has branches in Europe and OSI believes this will help widen their presence in Europe. Also acquired in 2016 December by OSI group was Flagship Europe a company which deals in frozen poultry, sous vide products, and pies. This acquisition is aided to help OSI further widen their scope and operations in Europe while also giving their existing customers more variety.

OSI Group in 2016 August also announced purchase of a food processing facility and storage warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. The facility is close to OSI branch in Chicago and is to aid the infrastructure to support continued business growth.


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