Is Clay Siegall Changing The Way Diseases Are Treated?

Cancer and other diseases are something that people all over the world suffer from. Finding better treatments and decreases the mortality rate is something that all people want. At Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall and his team are working to do just that. With these goals in mind, Seattle Genetics have become a force in the fight against cancer and created drugs aimed at fighting it.


Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics after he realized he was never going to get the money and credit he deserved working for other companies. For him Seattle Genetics was a way he could do what he wanted while getting the credit he deserved. With a hard working and talented team behind him, he has been able to produce drugs and conduct research that have helped to improve diseases and treatments.


The ultimate goal for Clay Siegall is to find a way to treat people without them having to undergo severe treatment. He say people getting amputated and their bodies wrecked by treatments and believed there had to be better ways out there. With this goal, he created Seattle Genetics and grew it into a contender in the industry for disease treatment.


To prepare for his career, Clay Siegall underwent vigorous training and career experiences. He received his bachelors degree in Zoology and went on to George Washington University to get his Ph.D. in genetics. He spend a few years working at the National Cancer Institute and then went on to Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.


After working there for a few years he realized he needed to create his own company, and that’s when Seattle Genetics was born. Seattle Genetics, with the leadership of Clay Siegall, has produced FDA drugs that have helped treat cancer in over 65 countries. His production of antibody-drug conjugates has helped countless patients over the world.


Clay Siegall is a believer in constant learning and hard work. With these principals he has been able to help people all over the world and create a successful company. Clay Siegall plans to continue working to improve treatment methods and grow his business.

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