Adaptive Advertisement by José Borghi

Jose Borghi originates in Brazil. He has over 25 years of experience in the advertising field. Jose has a global reputation for expertise in business promotion. Furthermore, he has impressive skills in developing cost-effective advertisement strategies. Jose together with his colleague Mullen Lowe, have been instrumental to several firms mainly in creating catchy ads.

Jose is professionally a marketer. He graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. While still a young man, Jose developed much enthusiasm in the field of advertising and he attended several advertising events. After attaining his degree, Jose pursued his passion as a marketer with determination.

As a matter of fact, Jose has earned a fortune of awards from his creativity in the industry. Early in his career at Standard Ogilvy, Jose proved competent and stood out in his line of work. This legacy enabled him to work with popular agencies including Talent, Leo Burnett, DM9DDB, and FCB.

For the record, starting 1994, Jose developed a number of campaigns while working at DM9DDB agency. One of his famous campaigns was Carlinhos. This campaign sought to end prejudice against Downs Syndrome. Jose also held other campaigns such as INBEV and Itau. He became the chief creative officer at Leo Burnett in 1999, and Chief Executive Officer in 2001.

Jose founded BorghiErh agency in 2002. BorghiErh merged with Global Network Lowe and its partners. Under Jose’s leadership as Chief Creative Officer, the joint company was later named Borghi Lowe in 2012. Following this tremendous success, Jose became the co-CEO of Borghi Lowe. Likewise, Jose Borghi has effectively used the latest technology in a bid to further his career. For instance, he has built a fascinating reputation in Instagram among other image-based media platforms. Together with his co-partner Mullen Lowe, Jose has explicitly taken advantage of the new possibilities presented on social media.

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