The Ways In Which Goettl Goes Beyond Air Conditioning Repair

Goettl Air Conditioning has become one of the most highly-recommended heating and cooling repairs company in the nation. Whenever customers in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas experience uncomfortable temperatures in their home, Goettl’s service trucks come to their homes promptly. But Goettl isn’t just concerned about repairing HVAC units. They also want to make sure they need as few repairs as possible.

Goettl’s CEO Ken Goodrich says customers can cut down on costs by having routine maintenance checks on their air conditioners, especially before the summer months become extremely hot. The filters and coils should be checked and changed regularly, and the system should be checked for air quality. Goettl recommends homes be insulated with thick insulation materials and the windows given films to keep sunlight from radiating too much heat into the home. The units should also be placed in shady areas outdoors.

Goettl also gives back to the community by repairing air conditioners and heaters even when some customers can’t afford it. This last year they visited the home of an elderly Las Vegas man who was physically disabled and had an old cooling system that broke down. With their partner company The Sunny Plumber, they completely replaced the unit and made sure his home was comfortable again. They also repaired a furnace and installed zone-controlled heating in the home of a Las Vegas family this last Christmas.

Goettl’s values of superb customer service and doing good in their community came from Adam and Gust Goettl who started this reputation when they started repairing HVAC systems at large commercial facilities and later residences. Their company became one of the Phoenix area’s finest HVAC contractors, though they did have their setbacks in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was Ken Goodrich who returned the company to the Goettl tradition by buying it and bringing back family values and philanthropy.