The Next Generation

If you’ve looked anywhere else beside your local neighborhood and for the right banking, then you’ve strayed too far. Being satisfied with your banking service begins with first finding the right bank. To do that, you do some research. And before that, you come to a conclusion of what it is you’re after.

Take NexBank as an example. Not only is it a local Dallas, Texas bank, the diversity of its services means that you can get just about everything you need in banking. Just be sure to condense your needs to what’s most appropriate. This includes your budget, your experience in finance and what your financial goals are above all else.

You might now be asking yourself why. The answer has to do with the variety that’s found in NexBank. From commercial, residential to individual assets, this agency is in the right position to manage it all. But if you’re also looking for something simple, then finding a local branch would serve you best. And it’s clear as to why.

From one city to another, laws, needs and civil life are different. What works in finance for one region won’t work well in another. So it’s in your best interest to consider how accommodating a local bank can be for you. This is true for the Dallas, Texas surroundings. And it’s not our pride which makes it so. It’s that we’re unique.

You cannot expect a bank headquartered in New York City to understand the little things that occur in the Dallas region. And for this reason, NexBank stands firm as an option everyone can love. From advisory services to preparations for retirement, what you find at NexBank is the right adjustment for you and as a Dallas resident.

You don’t have to search far, and you won’t be treated the way large banks treat their customers. Here, at NexBank, there’s a next generation of services you have indefinitely.

Highland Capital Management; Taking Care of Business and Charities

Founding partners Mark Okada and James Dondero created a commercial enterprise with Protective Life Insurance Corporation back in 1990, specializing in managing senior secured bank loans and fixed income markets. This partnership evolved into Protective Asset Management Company in 1993, with Dondero and Okada owning 40% and Protective Life owning 60%, which was an SEC registered investment advisor. In May of 1997, Ranger Asset Management, LP was formed after Okada and Dondero bought out Protective Life and became an independent advisor that was registered with the SEC. By 1998, the company changed its name from Ranger Asset to Highland Capital Management, LP.


Highland Capital currently employs over 180 people worldwide, as they have offices in Singapore, Seoul, Sao Paulo, and New York City, with the headquarters being in Dallas, Texas. Currently Highland has arranged and closely watched over 39 CLOs/CDOs totaling around 32 billion; making Highland the biggest CLO manager in the world, by USD assets. The variety in the client base comprises high-net worth individuals, pension plans, governments, foundations and endowments, corporations, and financial institutions.


Highland Capital Management Korea, LTD., is an affiliate of the Texas headquarters, just closed a healthcare centered private equity fund with $147 million in capital commitments. And not just that, Highland believes in helping out the community. They invest in the community by volunteering, advising boards, and donations. To date, Highland has donated over $10 million in donations to organizations worldwide, national nonprofit organizations, and local community organizations. Not only does Highland make a different in the financial world, they make a difference locally, nationally, and globally.