Beauty Blogger Chooses WEN and Watches Fine Thin Hair Go Hollywood

Beauty writer Emily McClure enjoys trying a bunch of hair, makeup and skin care products, because that’s her job. She’s like the rest of us cursed with certain beauty challenges, and in her case, it’s fine, thin, do nothing hair.

Emily wanted that A-list hair she sees on celebrities, especially the ones who have starred in those famous TV infomercials by WEN. So, she decided to give WEN by Chaz a 7-day test run, complete with a daily hair diary and hair selfies for

WEN hair by Chaz was developed by a star stylist with a wonderful reputation in the business. Chaz Dean has a loyal client base on the west coast who love using his special line of healthy, no lather shampoos. These Sephora sold botanical formulas nourish the strands and provide protection and vitality to every hair type out there. His formulas cleanse, condition, entangle and care for hair without the nasty chemicals found in store bought shampoos and conditioners. His line is so luxurious and effective, that Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself nor his celebrity clientele since 1993.

Emily Bustle decided on a daily AM Wen hair wash in the shower. She used less than the amount suggested for her medium length locks but still enjoyed beautiful results emerging from her cleanse. Emily followed with blow-drying and then styling her mane and discovered new shine, body and hair that remained styled all day long. Read for more details.

The selfies she posted for her readers were lovely, depicting a young woman with Hollywood-worthy hair. Even Emily’s close gal pals noticed the super shine and softness,

Emily suggests staying on a daily WEN wash for superior results and making time to blow-dry and style your hair. The extra effort will yield gorgeous, healthy hair with major gloss and body. Need Wen hair? Order a bottle on Amazon today!

WEN Hair Care products are also available at