José Henrique Borghi the Founder of Mullen Lowe

Advertising is one of the most crucial fields today. In the world today, it is very hard for a company to be successful if they don’t advertise. Same case for companies that fail to hire talented advertisers just to save a few bucks. In fact, without advertising a company is as good as done.

If you are in Brazil and are looking for a reputable José Henrique Borghi is the name that you need to be asking for. He is one of the most talented advertisers in the country. He has won so many Lion Cannes awards and has become a household name within the advertising industry in Brazil.

Although José Henrique Borghi has worked with some of the most respected international brands like Fiat, Unilever, and Mitsubishi, FlavioMaluf had to work his way to the top. After graduating from Pontifical Catholic University, with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising, he started out being an employee. He was first employed by Standard Ogilvy, an international advertising company. Working in this company gave him a lot of experience and knowledge in the advertising field.

José Henrique Borghi stayed with the company for a few years before moving on to other companies within the industry. His talent and intelligence in the field made him easily land adverting jobs in some of the largest advertising companies in the country. Between the times he left Ogilvy and the year 2002, he had worked for DM9 and Leo Burnett.

At the end of the year 2002, he decided to try his hand at entrepreneurship. That was when he joined hands with Errh Ray and together they started BorghiErrh. With time, the company has changed names to Mullen Lowe. This is after the Borghi bought his shares.