What OSI Group is Doing for Fast Food

How It All Began

OSI Group didn’t start out as a huge business. It began as a small business in the suburbs of Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky didn’t aim to make a massive corporation but instead simply wanted to provide his family with a business of his own. He eventually needed the help of his sons who would later use his lessons to create a much larger organization of their own. This is where the OSI Group corporation truly took off in the form we know it as today.

An International Business

The dealing of OSI Group span the entire world. They deliver meat and other frozen goods to customers in Europe, in China, and other parts of the world where people enjoy fast food. The brands that rely on them are numerous. Everyone from Subway to Pizza Hut has used supplies received from OSI processing plants. The business they operate isn’t something that can be done overnight and it isn’t something one can do without thinking twice about every move. OSI Group operates in a very unique place in the business world. This requires the support of their clients in the long term.

Putting Workers First

The most important part of any meat processing business is in fact the people who process the meat. OSI Group does everything it can to provide its workers with a safe environment to work and with whatever is needed to make sure that they can give their best efforts. The British Safety Council even gave them an award in order to make sure that the standards set by OSI Group would be recognized across the world. OSI Group has create a model that other businesses would be keen to follow. The lifeblood of a business is always in its workers.

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