Securus Technologies To Release Further Reports To Highlight Wrongdoings

The leader in criminal justice technology, Securus Technologies, recently revealed in a PR Newswire article that it will be releasing reports and other findings relating to the recent integrity breaches and wrongdoings that occurred by the other inmate communication provider known as Global Tel Link.
The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith said in an interview that he loves the industry and serving the people within it and that he finds it offensive when a provider in the industry goes below the integrity level like Global Tel Link has. He ensures us that his company is in this business more than to just make money, they are also interested in serving all the customers conforming to the best business practices possible.

According to, over the next 6 months Securus Technologies will be releasing various issues of wrong doing in press releases. The first document will be a formal 17 page order by the PSC that reveal several wrong doings. These include, the adding unnecessary durations to the end of calls, using higher rates, artificially inflating charges, use of add on programs, overcharging customers and the resulting overcharging of tax payers.

According to Richard Smith’s statement on PR Newswire this activity dates back almost 18 years. It might have been potential wrong doing then but it has continued up until now. Those people relying on this service need a higher level integrity from its service provider. Smith went onto enforce that this behavior is unnecessary and scamming the customers is not what the industry should be doing.

Securus Technologies has come a very long way in the industry and has been providing more and more services to their consumers now also through the launch of their all new THREADS 3.1 application setting the golden standard.

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