Susan McGalla is a leader for successful businesswomen

Women are making their mark on the business front, more than ever. Even with all these positive changes, there is still a long way to go when it comes to equality in the workplace. It is proven that companies that have gender diversity and ethnic diversity outperform companies that do not. With these findings it is surprising that companies do not take note and start hiring women and people from different backgrounds.


Susan McGalla has been an inspiration for many woman because she has climbed the ranks of many big companies and paved the way for other women to do just that. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


There are endless initiatives and networks for women. They are able to support and share their ideas. They even help plan and strategize their business ideas. On top of that, they are able to make connections with other women in the same industry, so why is it not working? Executive women leaders need to sponsor women just starting their businesses or women who want to work at a large firm. They need to guide them and help them reach their potential.


Susan McGalla grew up with two brothers and a football coach father in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was not treated differently because she was a girl and was taught to work hard for what she wanted. This served Susan very well and has made a name for herself as a powerful and successful businessperson.


She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC. They consult clients on marketing, talent management, operational efficiencies, branding, and much more. She was previously the President at American Eagle Outfitters and the Chief Executive Officer at Wet Seal Inc. Susan McGalla received a Bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College in business and marketing.


Jeffry Schneider is Assisting Investors to expand their Companies by Raising Capital on their Behalf

Jeffry Schneider is an experienced financial executive from Manhattan. He started his professional finance career after completing his higher-level studies at the distinguished University of Massachusetts. Jeffry held various management positions and obtained a deep-rooted professional know-how, particularly an ideal mastery of alternative investment strategies. He also developed skills in cultivating strong bonds with his clients. Jeffry landed a high-profile job at Paradigm Global Advisors in 2002. While working for this funds of funds, he developed the skill of effectively analyzing managers.

Establishment of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry has been a passionate and goal oriented entrepreneur since he commenced his career. His mission has been to set unique industry-wide trends in the financial services sector. In March 2012, he formed his firm that brought together his deep mastery of the alternative investment industry and his meaningful alliances with his clients. He created a Texas-located company known as Ascendant Capital.

Jeffry Schneider’s achievements

The success of Ascendant Capital in the world of alternative investment is a reflection of Jeffry’s determination, intellectual leadership, and personal discipline. Since its launch half a decade ago, Ascendant Capital has grown from only two to over thirty workers. Jeffry and his competent team of professionals have raised approximately $1 billion for several managers.

Currently, Ascendant Capital is working with over 250 investment advisors, fifty broker-dealers, and many family offices. The funds raised by the company have been used to buy real estate properties, technology firms, and auto dealerships. Despite recording immense profits, Jeffry has no intention of relaxing. He is leading his team in coming up with unique ways to source for funds in the coming years. In 2017, the company is aiming to generate over $50 million per month.

Alternative investments are an incredible solution to investors

Jeffry Schneider argues that the stability of alternative investments markets give investors a unique way for diversifying holdings and reducing volatility. These markets have undergone a significant expansion in the recent years. Jeffry predicts that the alternative investments space will maintain its growth momentum for a long time. He adds that alternative investment receives a higher allocation of funds than other sectors. Even the client portfolios fall into the category of alternative investment.

About Ascendant Capital

Armed with a broad range of marketing, sales, education, and operational services as well as a unique tactic in financial structuring, Ascendant Capital specializes in raising capital for mature and emerging alternative asset investors. The company works with a global network of broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, family offices, and private banks to deliver its services to clients around the world. Ascendant Capital has created a culture of transparency and sense of trust among employees. Jeffry Schneider has created a sense of belonging within the firm by involving every employee in making critical decisions.