Demi Lovato Spices Things Up With Fabletics

There is quite a bit of buzz in the air for the excitement behind the arrival of the Demi Lovato clothing line that is coming to Fabletics. This is a wonderful way to boost the excitement about this brand. There are a ton of people that are embracing what Kate Hudson has brought to the market, but the reality is that Demi Lovato is a force in her own right. She can certainly bring a lot of good energy to the Fabletics brand.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are well aware of this, and co-founder Kate Hudson loves this additional star power. Fabletics actually saw close to 50% growth in 2016 (precisely 46%, according to Yahoo! Finance), and this member loyalty program is really growing.


What Lovato has been doing is working with designers to build her limited-edition clothing line. It is very inspiring, but people are going to be most surprised that all the proceeds from this limited-collection will go directly to SchoolCycle. This is a company that is in a partnership with UNFPA to give girls bikes.


The fact that Demi Lovato is doing this to help someone else makes so many people gravitate towards this. This limited time edition is going to really may people look for these clothes because they can only get it for a limited time. Demi Lovato may not be a co-owner, but she appears to have a passion about working out in the same way that Kate Hudson does.


Many celebrities have been seeing working out. Taylor Swift, Halle Berry and a plethora of other entertains have been seen working out. Demi Lovato has been someone that would lure customers in the same age group as Taylor Swift. Someone like Halle Berry may be interested in checking out more of the clothes that have been presented by Kate Hudson. This is the way that Fabletics can grow in the next couple of months when Demi Lovato puts her own unique spin on the athletics clothing for women.


This is a great campaign for Fabletics. This can make more people look at what Fabletics is doing. Many people that have never heard of Fabletics, but the fans of Demi Lovato will find out about this through her social media accounts. She is already promoting the brand, and that is the reason that this has become such a beneficial part of the Fabletics brand. She is a young and vibrant. She has already been seen wearing the clothes for this limited time collection. All of these are things that have made people gravitate towards this brand.


With more than $250 million in revenue the Fabletics company is not strapped for cash in any sort of way. There is a lot of profit flowing through this organization, but there is always room for innovation. There is also something new to add to the table. Kate Hudson makes sure that she stays ahead of the game with fascinating people like Demi Lovato that can deliver.