Organo Gold’s CEO Is Expanding The Company All Over The World

Bernardo Chua is the force behind the multimillion-dollar international company Organo Gold. Originally founded in 2008 in Vancouver British Columbia he started with just a few employees and had expanded his business to employs several thousands of independent distributors. Before starting his own business, he was employed by Gano Excel company located in the Philippines. He moved to California in 2003 to manage the Gano Excel US operations.

Bernardo Chua was originally from the Philippines where the Ganoderma lucidium grows. The Ganoderma lucidium is actually derived from a native mushroom that has long been held as a healing medicine and has claimed to cure everything from high blood pressure to gout.He had knowledge of its health and healing properties and knew that he could harness them in the form of teas and coffees. He has been internationally recognized for his achievements with his Organo Gold direct sales company including several People’s Choice awards for the best organic health drink. Organo Gold has had huge success and is continuing to grow. He uses the mushroom to make tea and coffee that customers all over the world are responding to with rave reviews.

Bernardo Chua was mentored by Leow Soon Seng and helped him establish the Gano Excel company in the Philippines in 1999. He used the experiences he had gained with the company to create his highly successful Organo Gold organic products company. It is now established in thirty-five countries and six continents. He has most recently expanded to Singapore and has prospects for Turkey.