What is litigation? Karl Heideck Explains

What is litigation? Karl Heideck Explains
What is litigation? Karl Heideck Explains

Litigation is a legal term that means a certain plan of action that is introduced in court to help reach a specific solution or enforce set rights. It can be used in any dispute.

Litigation is commonly used in civil cases to start the case and ultimately end it. The legal term uses a series of steps to open up a court trial and then reach a solution.

The person who opens the lawsuit is called the plaintiff. This individual or party usually demands a set of actions from the person who caused damages (defendant) to help reach the solution in a litigation process. If the plaintiff is being ignored or refused then extra complaints can be brought into the court room. The plaintiff can request as many documents as he or she wants in order to provide a case.

After the litigation process has started the defendant can use resources to learn as much as possible about the plaintiff’s case. The researching or discovery can go for weeks or last up to a year.

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After all the information is gathered about the case after a series of complaints, members of the court get together in a small meeting to determine if the disputes can be solved before the trial. If plaintiff submits a weak claim the defendant has an opportunity to dismiss the case.

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Karl Heideck graduated from Temple University with honors
Karl Heideck, Graduate of Temple University

Karl Heideck, an experienced lawyer, graduated from Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law in 2009. He is currently working as a contracted attorney since he got hired in early 2015. Karl Heideck offers all kinds of private legal services. He is currently working for Pepper Hamilton LLP law office and has been licensed for eight years. Karl Heideck has been an outstanding attorney with no bad marks on his profile. Karl Heideck does do Pro Bono Cases.

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