Laboratory Technician At Wessex

Considering this to be conventional wisdom, the Wessex Institute of Technology remains at the epicenter of higher learning. On an annual basis, the school cranks out top-notch professionals ready to change the world. Not only does the school boast a high retention and graduation rate, they also boast thousands of jobs for prospective employees. Moreover, Wessex Institute of Technology prides itself on being driven by the changes in technology. Therefore, they must uphold high levels of standard and professionalism.

Moreover, the school remains searching for a candidate to fulfill the Laboratory Technician position. Although the job is part-time, prospective candidates remain paid for their service. Moreover, candidates have the opportunity to work in a laboratory setting. Furthermore, they will learn a host of laboratory techniques. The ideal candidate remains responsible for processing researching samples. Moreover, they will work on numerous projects. To conclude, the schools remains an equal opportunity employer.

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Business Reputation

A business owner already knows how important it is to maintain a great and positive reputation with its customers. But, this is no easy feat. When people are dissatisfied with a product or service, they tend to share their experiences with others. Nowadays, this has become much easier because of a little thing we call the Internet. With social media and review websites it’s easy to share your thoughts about a business and many rely on those reviews before they will even consider using the product or service offered by them. In a recent article, some pointers were discussed on how to deal with bad press or negative reviews that are taking a toll on your business and how to move on from it.

Every company hits curve balls and bad press is typically one that every business has to deal with at one point or another. If you find yourself in this predicament, what you should first do is keep quiet about he matter. Going at it with a customer in an Internet communication will result in people respecting you less, so it is just not worth it. Be sure to keep all of your services still available to the public. No need to close shop over a little negativity. You could also offer a special or type of incentive to engage new customers and give back a little to your already loyal ones. Rely on friends and family for a bit of support if you need it. And don’t forget- you started this business to serve a purpose so don’t let this get you down.

If your predicament isn’t allowing you to move forward, you can always contact They are known for getting rid of bad press and reviews associated with your business. By doing so, now when a potential client looks you up, they will find positive reads about you. This will help you attract more customers. can help you clean up negative news and move on from your rut and keep your reputation solid- the way it always was!

Tidying Up Your Search Results Through Search Cleanup

From time to time, you may notice negative reviews popping up about you or your business, and dealing with those reviews can be an utter annoyance. Sometimes all you need to do is find out what the complaints are about, because they might highlight an area that your business has been struggling with. All you need to do in that case is just calmly reassure the complaining customer that you’re resolving their issue and making sure it doesn’t happen again. But sometimes no matter what you try to do to appease a complaint, it just doesn’t work and the customer feels they must post a big negative review about you.

When that happens, don’t lash out or start personally attacking anyone. Doing that might damage your company brand or your reputation. Instead what you need to do is focus on your loyal customers and continue to take steps to grow your business without being affected by any negative reviews. When false information is published about your company, it should be fought back against with true information and by posting verifiable testimonials about your business. You can also point to certifications or news articles that have shown how your business has made a difference in the community, or in the lives of other customers.

Sometimes drastic steps do have to be taken when untrue articles or publications are out there, or if old information about a dispute is still out there even if you had the issue resolved. can remove these damaging articles and publications online, and through behind the scenes work can have them removed so they don’t show up in search results. If there’s bad information you’ve stumbled onto but can’t remove, just go to to contact one of their specialists, and they’ll give you a quote and information on how they’ll address the problem. Find Search Cleanup on Facebook and Twitter for more information.