How Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars are Rapidly Embracing Kabbalah as a Spiritual Faith

Madonna is the first Hollywood star who joined the Kabbalah center with the aim of attaining spiritual nourishment and growth. Other celebrities, such as Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton, have also been interested in Jewish mysticism after Madonna became a follower of the spiritual group. These stars were drawn by Madonna’s initiatives to open several Kabbalah centers and her passion for studying ancient Jewish tradition.

When the Los Angeles Times interviewed Sandra Bernhard, she said that Kabbalah had assisted her in eliminating chaos in her personal life. Paris Hilton also spoke to Great Britain’s More Magazine regarding how she is fairing on after breaking up with her spouse. In the interview, she cited the Kabbalistic teachings as one of the things that helped her in handling with the break-up. Paris had started attending a Kabbalah Center situated in Los Angeles.

Time Magazine interviewed the late Sammy Davis regarding his reasons for being a follower of Kabbalah. Davis said that he was passionate about joining a 5,000-year-old knowledge foundation. His focus was getting inner strength by being tied to Judaism. Davis also believed that his African history could not be compared to Judaism. However, he could relate to the obstacles and oppression that people of Judaism faced in the ancient times. Davis wanted to join the Kabbalah Center because he believes that Judaism is based on spiritual peace and honesty.

About the Kabbalah Center

With its headquarters in Los Angeles and branches across the globe, the Kabbalah Center focuses on fostering spiritual nourishment. Rav Philip Berg is acknowledged as the founding father of this institution. Michael and Karen Berg continued with Philip’s work after he died. Kabbalah can be defined as an ancient knowledge foundation with practical tools for facilitating fulfillment and joy in life.

The Kabbalah Center’s website cites that this knowledge can change people’s perspective towards worldly things. Michael and Karen serve as teachers of Kabbalah. According to the Chabad, Torah’s soul teaches that those who seek Kabbalistic teachings get deep insights on the purpose of creation and God’s interaction with the universe.